Doz Finch

Lieutenant Doz Finch is an ebullient, upbeat, and action-oriented Human, currently posted as Assistant Chief Engineer to the USS Gorkon, the flagship of the Tyrellian Defence and Exploration Taskforce.

USS Gorkon
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Doz Finch
Position Assistant Chief Engineer
Rank Lieutenant
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 233904.08
Age 62
Birthplace The Falklands, Earth
Writer ID C239809SH3
Personal LogsMedical Record
Awards & Service Ribbons
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Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons MedalOfFreedom 2011.jpg
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Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
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Awards The Khan Award.png

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Captain's Commendation
UFP Medal of Freedom
Prisoner of War Ribbon
Explorer's Ribbon
Innovation Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon
Khan Award

Player Achievements
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First Appearance:

Under Troubled Waters

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Notably energetic and a touch on the restless side, she enjoyed an adventurous career spanning over forty years and seven ships, mostly in maintenance roles. But when the tragic loss of her nearest and dearest friend Murve Norström happened, everything changed. Often seen as the tea-guzzling life of the party, few would know the depth of her grief and the path she now navigates in this new stage of her life.

Appearance & Manner

  • Height: 1.6m (5'3")
  • Build: 9st, Short
  • Complexion: Fair
  • Eyes: Dark Brown (Grey when wearing her Oculer Enhancers)
  • Hair Colour: Speckled White
  • Hair Style: Short, Choppy
  • Voice: Scratchy, Quick, Accented
Has a distinct colloquial accent.
  • Off-Duty Clothing: Jackets, Trousers, Comfortable shoes
Usually always wears trousers.
  • Distinguishing Features:Rosy Cheeks, Prominant Cheekbones, Small eyes
Has a tendency to "squint" a lot.


  • Is an alumni of both the Mars Technical Services Academy and Starfleet Academy.
  • Is a lover of "English tea" and believes it's a problem solver.
  • Often calls people "love".
  • Sometimes wears "Ocular Enhancers" to increase her vision. They also turn her eyes grey.[1]
  • Takes holonovels seriously and has at sometime attended holoacting classes.[2]


She was born to parents Frederick and Iris Finch in the Falkland Islands of Earth as the last of four siblings. Although living on a beautiful island of coastal beaches, cliffs and grasslands, her home was far less organic; each floor, wall and ceiling were lined with mechanised contraptions that made for constant entertainment, and also a neverending need of repairs, all the result of her brothers and their determination to become mechanical geniuses.

Although she too dabbled and tinkered with machines and robots —— being particularly skilled with shuttlecraft and anything that moves —— she was more family oriented than her brothers and preferred to make the most out of her youth, enjoying adventures with friends and helping to care for her family and their house in whatever fashion that took. She was skilled at engineering just as they all were, particularly good at fixing things rather than inventing them like Wallace, but her interest in the subject fell to the wayside sometime around the death of her father whose passing sent their mother, Iris, into a deep and dark depression for many years to come.[3]

In the aftermath of his death, rather than moving to Mars as was originally planned, the family instead relocated to Birmingham to be closer to other family members.[4] As the years went on, it was there in the city that she met Murve Norström, otherwise called Murphy, the funny scandinavian who was first a friend of her brother Wallace, and a person who she struck an instant bond with.[5] As a trio, the three often enjoyed hangouts in the local parks, sunrise-watching and camp fires.

Eventually each brother left to become Starfleet Engineers, and in doing so abandoned their responsibility to care for their rapidly deteriorating mother who had delved into agoraphobia. This signalled the beginning of a distance between the siblings, and a notable divide between Doz and Wallace, one that would see them grow apart as the years went on. But the one true source of support who remained behind was Murphy who did all he could to ensure that Doz not only had a friend but also a person she could rely on. Piling together their own talents in engineering, they continued to maintain and fix all of the contraptions stood around the family home, and even went as far as to lending their skills to those in the neighborhood, to stay as busy as they could.

Starfleet Career

At roughly twenty years old, Finch took it upon herself to apply for the Martian Starfleet Technical Services Academy, greatly encouraged by her best friend Murve Norström, lovingly nicknamed Murphy, who believed that she had more talent in engineering than "all three of her brothers put together". Having waited for her to do so, the pair of them set off for the academy, later taking part in its intensive programme that covered a variety of subjects from checking, repairing and servicing starships to the more fiddly arts of reprogramming and reconfiguring computers and their many parts. The abridged programme also involved a myriad of electrical, mechanical, chemical, radiological and nuclear damage scenarios, and the difficulty of it was not lost on Finch who had for so many years done "her own sort of engineering". Upon graduation, she pursued roles in maintenance whereas Murphy preferred electrical ones.

Technical Services Academy, Utopia Planititia Shipyards, Mars

They both shared their first tour of duty aboard the USS Bonestell, serving under a cantankerous Chief Engineer who often separated the two, and liked to punish Finch by having her do maintenance work on the outer hull of the ship. Despite this however, his repeated punishments actually instilled within her an appreciation for spacewalking, which has remained one of her favourite things to do ever since. Her career as an enlisted officer spanned seven ships over forty years —— the last of which was spent on the notorious Intrepid Class starship USS Marigold.

Having reunited with Murphy during this posting, she was quite satisfied with her life until an unexpected disaster resulted in his death. As if history had repeated itself, she was flung into panic, terrified of the way she felt and her reaction to his death, and the all too real possibility of her becoming "like her mother", who had died decades prior. Desperate to distract herself, she asked Captain Koth of the Marigold if she could change her mind about an offer of academy sponsorship that she had declined many times before.

After graduating the Officer Candidate School, she was reassigned to the USS Gorkon as an Engineering Officer under the Command of Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds. Immediately thrown into action, she was tasked with piloting the USS Azetbur, the USS Gorkon's primary shuttle, down onto the "Rogue Planet" that threatened the destruction of the Tyrellian moon, Palanon. After navigating wild kaleidoscopic clouds, the shuttle was successfully landed in a zone where Lt. Commander Alieth and Lieutenant Corliss Fortune waited for her. Once introductions were made, and the main objective explained, Doz suggested that they used the Azetbur's onboard scanners to aid them in the search for underground tunnels. Once discovered, the team made their way through crumbling tunnels weighed down by yellow waters thrashing above, and after some creative engineering, broke into a patchworked ship that held a number of refugees. Once secured inside again, Alieth and Fortune left to heave the old freighter up and out using the Azetbur, whilst Doz remained inside, ensuring that every individual was securely strapped in. Though challenging as it was, they managed to exit the planets atmosphere moments before it zipped away.

Doz as "Gramma" in the Skarbek Dream

As months went on, Doz and many other officers throughout the ship were pulled into a strange shared dream experience, known as "Skarbek", which initiated her second mission with the Gorkon——though she wouldn't know it at the time. In this alternate reality, she was known as "Gramma", a cold and rather dour woman who lended her skills to a Maquis group, mostly to escape the clutches of her nemesis, Norström (who in the real world was actually her best friend who had died some years before: Murve Norström). An ex prison convict, "Gramma" worked with Lark (Tahna Meru), N'Alieth (Alieth), Seva Reeshe and a Bajoran man named Imul, in attempting to recruit civilians to their cause, hoping to build up a resistance and eventually beat the Cardassians who had taken over the colony of Witherington.

Her most pivotal contribution was the suggestion to steal a Cardassian shuttle from a warehouse, one that was initially met with a degree of opposition from the away team leader Lark. Although at first uncertain, Lark eventually agreed to the idea, but did not foresee Gramma pushing Imul into the enemy during the attempt. Although Gramma's intention was to create a diversion, one that she believed Imul could and did handle, it created a distrust between the team members, one that was difficult to shift for days to come. Later on the mission, Gramma, Lark and Seva used the shuttle to land on and infiltrate the Niu Hotel, the Cardassians main communications hub. Despite many a skirmish, they finally succeeded in taking over the comms, sending a broadcast across the colony of Witherington. They later escaped onto the rooftop of the hotel as it went up in flames. Moments before waking up from the dream, Gramma finally encountered Norström.

As part of her third major mission with the Gorkon, Doz was plopped onto a diplomatic team travelling through the Bajoran wormhole, with the intention of finding and establishing communications with a cult that had some unknwon relation to the disappearance of the tourist vessel "Prophets Path". On Sargasso V, the Gamma Quadrant planet in question, Doz, Jocelyn Marshall and James Bowers were kidnapped and tied up with a strange mesh of ancient yet advanced technology. In an underground sanctuary they came to face to face with an holo-projected ethereal spirit who failed in its attempt to indoctrinate them into the cults mysterious cause. Escaping the room within which they had been held captive, they met a reticent Vorta who intended to help with their escape, guiding them as they dodged cultists and navigated corridors. Eventually landing in a chamber even deeper inside the sanctuary, Doz worked tirelessly in her attempts to hack into an esoteric machine responsible for Sargasso V's rising temperatures and planetary shield.



  • Parents: Frederick Finch† (father), Iris Finch† (mother)
  • Brother: Wallace Finch
    • The youngest of her three brothers, Wallace is an inventor who spent much of his career working at a Tellarite robotics institute, that is until Doz discovered him tinkering in a farm scrapyard on Bajor. [6]
  • Brother: Ernest Finch
    • The oldest of her three brothers. He's rosy-cheeked, humorous and has spent the majority of his career engineering weapons. One of his earliest modifications was turning a deactivated phaser he'd recieved from their grandfather one birthday, into a water gun instead.[7] A thesis he wrote on "rapid modulation capabilities for phaser array enhancements" was covered by Jocelyn Marshall at the Academy. Outside of his career, he married and had children with a Boslic woman who Doz describes as "A gorgeous woman with mauve coloured hair".[8]
  • Brother: Arthur Finch
    • The quietest and most private of all her brothers. Despite tradition, Arthur deviated from a career in engineering and instead married a woman early on, choosing instead to focus on raising a family.
  • Best friend and unofficial family: Murve Norström
    • Murve, known lovingly as Murphy, was a Swedish electronics engineer and a life-long friend of Doz's. A guiding and positive force of energy in her life, he stuck with her during her earlier and more depressing years looking after her mother Iris, later joining her on her expedition to Mars to become a Starfleet crewman. Light-hearted, a lover of animals, people and almost anything that sparked joy, he was and arguably continues to be the most important puzzle piece of her life. Sharing postings on the Bonestell and later the Marigold, theirs was a friendship with huge and meaningful impact. But when he died tragically in an onboard disaster, it affected Doz in ways she could never imagine, leaving her to bear the weight of a grief she never knew was coming.

Friends and Colleagues

More relationships here

  • Dear friend: Tahna Meru
    • Theirs was a meeting that was more complicated than is usual for Starfleet Officers; hurled into the shared "Skarbek" dream by an unusual nebula[9], Doz and Tahna knew each other as "Gramma" and "Lark", and through a psychologically challenging mission in which they often had to rely on one another, despite an initial lack of trust, they ultimately survived. As a strange coincidence they later bumped into each other in a Bajoran temple, and during a meaningful conversation about "Paghs", a friendship blossomed.[10]
  • Friend: Zeeza
    • Airy, analytical, smart, and yet charming, Zeeza was the Denobulan Chief Engineer of the Marigold, known for her friendly but self-contained personality. Though she was particularly skilled in shields and energetics, she maintained a curiosity for all things mechanical and saw the power and importance of team work, always pooling her skills together with others to achieve something, from an activity as obscure as the reanimation of a robotic dog[11], to as large and as typical as ship-wide repairs.
  • Prior Captain: Koth Th'shrysrir
    • Crotchety, irritable, and a bit of a loner, Captain Koth was the Andorian Commanding Officer of the Marigold, and Finch's official Officer Candidate School sponsor. Known for his back-seat approach and general avoidance of the affairs of his crew, he became rather unpopular after promoting Lieutenant Gepe Grasa, the mean-spirited Chief Tactical Officer, into the temporary position of Acting First Officer[12], allowing her the unmitigated freedom to do whatever she wanted. Despite this however, he enjoyed a personal rapport with both Finch and her best friend Murphy, and on occassion invited them to dine with him.
  • Prior First Officer: Gepe Grasa
    • Ruthless, egotistical, and a staunch disciplinarian, Gepe Grasa was the Bajoran Chief Tactical Officer and later Acting First Officer of the Marigold who often liked to bully the crew. She was once a member of the Bajoran Militia until her transfer to Starfleet. Despite her usual horribleness, she was vaguely interested in Finch's "usefulness" and so mostly left her alone.

Mission Archive

  • Rogue World (Act Three) (239908.15 - 239911.26):
    • Doz joins the crew of the Gorkon in their last moments on a rogue world, arriving on the USS Azetbur and using that to aid in the evacuation of those trapped underwater.
  • Fight the Power (240002.05 - 240006.06):
    • Hurled into a hallucinated "Skarbek" dream, Doz becomes "Gramma", a dour and mostly unfeeling woman who finds herself as a member of the Maquis, aiding in their attempt to stop the Cardassian powers that be in the colony of Witherington.
  • Shadows in the Temple (240009.01 - 240012.02):
    • All the way out in the Gamma Quadrant, a missing tourist vessel is lost on Sargasso V, a planet plagued by a cult known as the Eye of Infinity. Doz finds herself on a diplomatic team, hoping to make contact and open talks with said cult.
  • The Dying of the Light (240103.21 - Present):
    • On Depot 39, a highly secretive station located in a brown and murky nebula, Doz is assigned to team Samira Neathler as part of an effort to locate a missing commanding officer, and to find out if she has any connection to a rogue commodore and his heist of the century.

Character Gallery

Service History

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Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Recruit 2359-2359 Starfleet Technical Services Academy Recruit
Crewman Third Class 2359-2365 USS Bonestell Maintenance Engineer
Crewman Second Class
Crewman First Class
Petty Officer Third Class 2365-2375 USS Korolev Maintenance Engineer
Petty Officer Second Class
Petty Officer First Class 2375-2376 USS Newton Maintenance Engineer
Chief Petty Officer 2376-2380 USS John Muir Maintenance Engineer
2380-2380 Federation Secondment

IKS Taggagh

Damage Control Technician
Senior Chief Petty Officer 2380-2386 USS Barrington Maintenance Engineer
Master Chief Petty Officer 2386-2398 USS Marigold Maintenance Engineer
Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 239910.31 - 239911.06 Officer Candidate School

Starfleet Academy

Ensign 239911.08 - 240009.01 USS Gorkon
Lieutenant JG 240009.01 - 240103.06
Lieutenant 240103.06 - Present Assistant Chief Engineer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
TOSMA 240006.03
USS Gorkon
The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement (TOSMA) is the highest general award and is awarded to members who show great dedication in their behavior and simming abilities. A candidate for TOSMA gives strong, solid ideas to the storyline and character development on a regular basis. They also take the time to edit and proofread their sims to guarantee that their writing is of high quality.
Khan Award 240006.03
USS Gorkon
for Giria Palnin
Awarded to a simmer who thoughtfully develops a three-dimensional villain over the course of a mission or more. They create well-rounded and grounded villains, who may be mustache twirling murderous maniacs, or the hero of their own story. A superb villain should be a formidable and deserving foe to your heroes. They should neither be so weak that they are easily defeated, nor should they be so powerful that they can only be defeated by chance.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239911.06
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 240021.01
USS Gorkon
For helping to save the lives of the Dominion War veterans and their children on the Rogue World.
Captain's Commendation 240021.01
USS Gorkon
"One of the successes of this mission was the rescue of many Starfleet and Union officers, long thought missing in action. You brought them back to their families and friends, and to a peaceful galaxy where the bonds they forged on the planet are welcomed and honoured." - Quinn Reynolds
UFP Medal of Freedom 240021.01
USS Gorkon
"When the Rogue Planet invaded our system, we did all we could to attempt to safeguard every single planet in the system and its inhabitants. For that act of gallantry and heroism, I present you all with the UFP Medal of Freedom." - Samira Neathler
Prisoner of War Ribbon 240103.06
USS Gorkon
The Prisoner of War Ribbon is a general service ribbon awarded to an individual who has been taken prisoner. - Presented by Samira Neathler
Explorer's Ribbon 240103.06
USS Gorkon
The Explorer's Ribbon is a general service ribbon awarded to an individual who participates in the discovery of a new planet, region, or species. - Presented by Quinn Reynolds
Innovation Ribbon 240103.06
USS Gorkon
"I wonder if there is one machine or device in that big universe of ours that is able to keep its secrets from so many talented engineers we have among our crew. With years of experience behind her belt or ocular enhancers, the machine that made space vessels crash on Sargasso V was no match for our inventive Lieutenant Junior Grade Finch. And thus it is with much pleasure, I present her the Innovation Ribbon." - Samira Neathler
Good Conduct Ribbon 240103.06
USS Gorkon
The Good Conduct Ribbon is a gallantry & heroism service ribbon awarded to an individual who shows conspicuous gallantry in the line of duty. - Presented by Quinn Reynolds

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