Giria Palnin

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Cardassian Union
Full Name Giria Palnin
Position Glinn, Obsidian Order Expeditionary Force
Species Cardassian
Gender Female
Birthplace Cardassia Prime
Fate Presumed Dead

First Appearance:
The Presidential Suite

Last Appearance:
Caught In-Between

Giria Palnin was a taunting, sly and particularly vain Cardassian, holding the rank of Glinn within the Cardassian Obsidian Order. Generally very beautiful, she was well known for using it to her advantage, such as climbing the ranks of the military, and as a tool for confusing those she interrogated. However, her popularity towards the end of her reign had waned considerably, and as a result she had found herself stationed on the colony of Witherington alongside young and inexperienced troops. Listlessly natured, this brought out an irascible mean-streak, and ultimately made her less confident and more paranoid than usual.

Her tenure came to an end after an interrogation involving the characters Erin Reynolds (Vines), Caedan Nkai (Groove) and Genkos Sim (Wheels) failed. Automatically activated by a brawl taking place outside of the senate room within which the interrogation was happening, drones appeared from nowhere and began a violent assault on the entrance doors, causing Palnin to scream and duck for safety. She was besieged moments later, and taken out with a weapon by Quinn Reynolds (Shades).

Behind the Scenes

  • Giria Palnin is an MSPNPC written by Doz Finch.
  • This character exists only in the "Skarbek Universe" of the USS Gorkon.
  • She was created as part of the Skarbek plot "Fight the Power" on the USS Gorkon.