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Samira neathler xo.png

Samira Neathler
First Officer and fellow market goer

Meeting during shore leave in the town of Adarak, on Bajor, Doz and First Officer Lieutenant Commander Samira Neathler planned to go for a power walk and somewhere along the way found themselves detouring to a hustling and bustling market. A touch less enthusiastic about such detours than Doz, Samira reluctantly found herself agreeing to the adventure, and wound up not only in a little cafe, joined by Doctor Tali Namura, but in an exciting casino, quite different from their plans indeed.[1]


Tali Namura
Doctor and casino expert

Having first met Tali during her medical check in, never a fun experience for the woman, she later bumped into her during a Bajoran market detour, ogling at fresh fruits. Not one to pass on an opportunity to do something different, Doz accepted Tali's idea to take yet another detour to a tea shop, that then led them on another detour to a fabulous casino, in which the three of them, Doz, Tali and Samira, dressed their best and gambled the night away in true celestial style.[2]

Vylaa zh'Tisav.png

Vylaa zh'Tisav
Colleague and excellent tabletop player

As a fellow engineer, they see a lot of each other in Main Engineering and throughout the ship. Eager to encourage camaraderie between colleagues, and also for her to get to know her new ones a little better, Doz organised a get together in the corner of the Lower Shuttlebay. Over tea, cards and chitter chatter, she found herself engrossed in the Andorians background and was honoured to be among the first to find out that she was pregnant.[3]

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