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Darwinian Newsmakers

Learn more about the crew of the USS Darwin-A by reading newsworthy moments!

Nographic.jpg 239103.14:

Commander Greir Reinard is featured in a news article following a highly successful year which saw him scoop up numerous awards and take command of a StarFleet vessel for the first time. Inside Greir talks about his year and some of the reasons behind why he chose the unique Horizon-Class to be his ship.

Kaitlyn Off Duty.png 23.049106:

Congratulations to Lieutenant Kaitlyn Falcon for being the June Featured Bio Contest Winner! Judges were impressed with the detailed personal history section that gives a lot of information about Kaitlyn's early life, upbringing and family relationships. To find out more check out the featured news article or take a look at her fantastic page!

RenosRed.png 239203.30:

Commander Renos is featured in a news article following the relaunch of the USS Darwin-A. Inside Renos talks about the current Fleetwide Plot Arc, the reasons behind why he chose to bring back the unique Horizon-Class to be his ship and future plans.

RenosRed.png 239205.01:

Commander Renos is the winner of the Featured Bio Contest for May 2015. Deviant. Criminal. These were the words that Renos was branded with on the J'Naii homeworld when ne began to present both male and female behaviours during different situations on a genderless world. Left with no other option, ne fled, leaving behind nir family and friends to begin a new life.

Mercifully, that new life took the form of a very successful career in Starfleet. Excelling as both a counsellor and medic, Renos served aboard Starbase 118 before transferring to the USS Apollo-A and eventually moving into a command role aboard the USS Darwin-A. With a new ship and a new crew to command, nir days as a deviant fugitive are behind nem... or are they?

Lt Ren Rennyn.jpg 239207.01:

Lieutenant Commander Rendal Rennyn is the winner of the Featured Bio Contest for July 2015. Easy-going, kind, efficient, curious, all are terms that could be used to describe Lieutenant Commander Rendal Rennyn of the USS Darwin-A. After growing up on a prosperous family farm on the Trill home world, events that transpired towards the end of the Dominion War and a strong desire to contribute to the peace cause compelled Ren to enroll in Starfleet. After the Academy, Ren was assigned to the USS Atlantis as the Helm Officer where he served valiantly before being transferred to the Darwin. What does the future aboard the USS Darwin-A hold for Ren? Only time will tell.

Graeme Cook.png 239208.29:

Ensign Graeme Cook, a medical officer whose career began on the USS Darwin-A was interviewed for a Lower Decks Interview. There he talks about his time on the Darwin and gives readers some insight into his character. Did you know, for example that when he isn't busy healing the crew and keeping everyone in good health, Graeme has a love of hockey and old whiskeys, although mixing the two together too much may not be too wise.

TraenorCommand.jpg 239209.01:

Lt. Commander Maxwell Traenor is the winner of the Featured Bio Contest for September 2015. If you were to ask him to describe himself, he'd say he was 'wholly unremarkable'. Not so! The Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Darwin-A is a baby-grand playing, bike riding, laundry shirking, camera loving guy, known as Gordie to his friends.

Starting his career aboard the USS Apollo-A, he transferred to the Darwin in 2392 and is currently acting as First Officer in a high stakes mission against the mysterious Sicarius organisation.

Kael Thomas.png 239209.25:

The Captains Council of UFOP: StarBase 118 is pleased to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Commander Kael Thomas, first officer of the USS Darwin-A to the rank of commander. Thomas has served under some of our most venerable Commanding Officers, including RAdml. Hollis Caley. He's had many roles - in the Operations field, from Engineering or Security, to Operations itself and has twice served in the First Officer role. He has previously been decorated with the Voyager Medallion (Operations Officer of the Year) award.

Renos-Dress.png 239210.30:

The Executive Council is pleased to announce the appointment of it's newest member, Captain Renos of the USS Darwin-A. The Executive Council is made up of five admirals and captains and is our community’s highest decision-making body. As the crew of the Darwin is well aware ne is a dedicated Captain IC and OOC always willing to help, offer advice and tackle tough issues. In addition to nir's new role as one of our organization's governing leaders Renos also serves as Cadet Steward, the Promotions Coordinator, and Facilitator of the Publicity Team.

Sb118-halloween-avatar-contest.png 239210.31:

The Winner's of the SB118 Halloween Avatar Contest are The Darwin Mad Scientists! This annual fleetwide forum event sees crews put their best and most creative designs forward. The three judge panel awarded the USS Darwin-A crew's entry with First place in the Design category and Second place in the Originality category, the crew boasted an impressive 100% participation in the contest, making them the overall contest winners! This was in no small part due to the wonderful images and premise created by Iniko Mpeba & Maxwell Traenor.

Renos-Dress.png 239211.23:

Recently our own Captain Renos sat down in a two part interview with Fleet Admiral Wolf and Jansen Orrey. In Part One we learn a bit more about our esteemed Captain OOC, his reasoning for choosing the Horizon Class, becoming a member of the Executive council, leading the publicity team, being a cadet steward, and to top it all off a Fish story. In Part Two Renos discusses his new role as Promotions Coordinator. Letting us know what it’s all about, what frequently asked questions pop up, and goals he would like to accomplish. Get to know the writer behind Renos and the many OOC hats he wears in our fleet in this fantastic interview.

TraenorCommand.jpg 239304.25:

Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Traenor is featured in a news article and talks about his time as an Academy Trainer. He shares with us his favourite thing about being a trainer and the things he had learned from the experience, providing sage advice for new cadets and those considering joining the team alike.

MerrickR'Ven1.png 239305.02:

Lieutenant Merrick R'Ven wrote the winning sim for the 2016 Top Sim Contest Set 1. R’Ven’s sim now moves on to the final run-off round of the year in December to compete against the three other set winners for the title of “Top Sim of 2016.”

DarwinLogo.png 239306.21:

UFOP: Starbase 118 won a 2016 Squiddie Award for "Facilitiating The Community Experience", and in the presentation the USS Darwin-A is cited as being an outstanding game.

Varaan-Eng-Lt.png 239306.25:

Lieutenant Commander Varaan is featured in a news article about his role as a Cadet Steward. He talks about the changes he has seen in the Academy over the years and offers insight about the role.

Valdiviaimage.jpgMerrickR'Ven1.png 239307.26 - 239308.01:

In a two-part article, a Duty Post Spotlight on the Science role features two of the Darwin's prominent scientists; Lieutenants John Valdivia and Merrick R'Ven. In Part One, we learn a bit about the writers behind the characters and a little about the characters themselves. In Part Two, we learn about their thoughts on the role, their inspirations, and reminiscences about memorable character events.

Varaan WIP.jpg 239309.10:

Varaan is the winner of the Featured Bio Contest for September 2016!

Varaan is an only child who was born in the City of Khir Ahl on Vulcan. His mother was a diplomat and his father was a revered astrophysicist who sat on the board of the Vulcan Science Academy. Varaan always seemed to take a ‘hands on approach’ to learning by taking things apart and putting them back together. Despite this and his relatively low grades, his father used his influence to get Varaan into the more theoretical Vulcan Science Academy program.

However, after a two year struggle at the science academy, a failed Kolinahr attempt, the marriage to his wife and 8 years in the V’shar (Vulcan Intelligence) Varaan finally found his path on Earth at Starfleet Academy and has had a Starfleet career that has led him to the First Officer position aboard the USS Darwin.