Allan Kinney

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Trinity Sector
Commodore Allan Kinney 01.png
Allan Kinney
Position Operations Officer
Rank Commodore
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 232906.17
Age 68
Birthplace Martha's Vineyard, Earth
Writer ID E239010ST0

Commodore Allan Kinney is one of the sector administrators for the Trinity Sector. He is also one the the MSNPCs for the 2016 Fleetwide Plot Arc


  • Height: 6'-1"
  • Weight: 213 lbs
  • Hair: Dark brown, greying
  • Eyes: Golden brown
  • Build: Solid

(Background/Personality/Career History)

Commodore Kinney is a careful, calculated man who believes in the power of the Federation through careful protection. He has a paranoia of threats to the Federation, including the Romulans and Klingons - but especially the Dominion. He served with distinction in the Dominion wars, and has advised caution towards aid efforts offered to the Romulans after the Hobus star incident.

Kinney was born on Luna, to a family of freighter operators. He had unusually high scores in tactics and strategy in secondary school and was marked by his teachers as a good candidate for Starfleet Academy, which he pursued. Early on, counselors noted that Kinney was a good student, who is focused on his studies, but he frequently had disagreements with other cadets who were Starfleet “brats” or who had a family background of Starfleet service. One interview, Kinney stated that he felt it was unfair that a family dynasty could propel some cadets forward past other cadets who had to rely on their own effort and hard work.

Service History

Kinney has served Starfleet for nearly forty years, in a variety of roles. He started as a operations officer on the Excelsior class USS Crazy horse, and steadily worked his way up the ranks. Upon promotion to Lieutenant JG he was transferred to the USS Donovan as a tactical officer. Most of his record is fairly uneventful but he was disciplined for getting into a drunken fistfight with his department head once. The CO reporting stated he was very surprised to think that such a mild and dedicated officer could do such a thing. Observers stated that the fight started over an argument on whether the department head had earned his place or given it through favoritism since is mother was a Starfleet Captain. Kinney transferred off the ship less than 3 months later. Oddly enough the department head also retired shortly before, stating medical reasons- the records are unclear Kinney rose slowly through the ranks, being passed over for ship command but finally getting a StarBase command in a backwater section where he proved his skills at strategy and tactics over and over again. He was moved to gradually more prestigious postings before coming to the Trinity Sector as a Commodore. He has never commanded a ship. He is known as a staunch conservative who has a history of making decisions for the safety of the Federation.