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Jenatris Confederation

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Crimelord
  • Location: StarBase 118
  • Race: Pelian
  • Status: Incarcerated

Janker is a Pelian crime lord and member of the Jenatris Confederation. He made his power base on Tilanna V but recently moved following the cleansing done first by Starfleet and then by the Klingon Empire. He tried to turn a profit on StarBase 118 by breaking into the now infamous 'Below' but failed and was captured by Starfleet marines.

Information & Appearance


Full Name: Ken-Kon-Jank

Known Aliases: Janker

Race: Pelian

Date of Birth: 235107.18 (age 32)

Place of Birth: Shampas Slums, Peliar

Home: formerly Tilanna V

Occupation: Crime Lord

Gender: Male

Telepathic status: --


Height: 3'10"

Weight: 95 lbs.

Hair Color: none

Eye Color: milky yellow

Manner: Janker frequently appears weak and unassuming. He has a well trained sense of letting others underestimate him. However underneath this unassuming demeanor, Janker is cold, calculating and cruel.



  • Father: Ken-Kon-Krat - 57, Gang leader, mechanic
  • Mother: Ken-Len-Lon - 54, Homemaker
  • Sister: Ken-Len-Len - 30, Exotic Dancer



Janker grew up in the slums of Shampas valley on Peliar, where his father was a huge fish in a small pond. He had a self-inflated vision of his role in the universe from a young age and set out to make a name for himself beyond Peliar.

Unfortunately he found that outside of Peliar most people disregarded if not tried to actively smash a lone Pelian. Early in his life of trading Janker turned to cruel and underhanded ways of getting ahead, mostly to protect his own scrawny hide. He reached a moderate degree of success on Tilanna V, and continued to grow his powerbase there, frequently hiding in the shadows until he had a comfortable business going. This was smashed by Starfleet when the crew of StarBase 118 tracked Boris Malinov back to Tilanna V, and Janker was sent packing.

He became caught up in Chennel's schemes, and ultimately this led to his downfall at the hands of Starfleet Marines.

Additional Information

Janker is MSNPC written by Jamie, the writer for Commander Sal Taybrim.