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  • The Bolarus system

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Bolarus system
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Last Updated: 239412.27
Bolarus system IX   Starbase 307

The Bolarus system is home to the Bolian species and their homeworld, and Starbase 307.

Bolarus IX is the ninth planet in a thirteen-planet solar system orbiting the red dwarf star Bolarus, and three other planets are inhabited. The colonies on Bolarus VII and Bolarus X are mainly focused on planetary science studies; the Bolarus XIII outpost concentrates on warp technology research.


  • Location: Alpha Quadrant
  • Type: Single
  • Name of Primary: Bolarus
    • Spectral Class: M4 V
    • Absolute Magnitude: ?
    • Number of Planets: 13
    • Number of Inhabited Planets: 4
    • Other: Two Asteroid Belts
    • I: Se'ka (Class D)
    • II: Krith (Class B)
    • III: Bol'tur (Class B)
    • IV: Harmar (Class N)
    • V: Bolin (Class N)
    • VI: Tha'lat (Class B)
    • VII: Ral'nar (Class K) (Bolian colony)
    • VIII: Sol'nar (Class K)
    • IX: Bolarus (Class M) (Bolian Homeworld)
    • X: Motal (Class K) (Bolian colony)
    • XI: Sernar (Class J)
    • XII: Sath (Class G)
    • XIII: Ki'siu (Class D) (Bolian colony)
  • Other:
    • asteroid belts between 3rd and 4th, and 7th and 8th planets
    • extensive comet cloud beyond 13th planet
    • Starbase 307 orbits Bolarus XIII