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This page details information about Bolian society.


Whenever Bolians are married, the family extends, resulting in an even larger township. As a result of this, Bolarus IX is home to megalopoli, which are in effect cities with millions of inhabitants. The largest such megalopolis is Hosppat, home to 22.67 million Bolians, while the capital city (by virtue of being the biggest township when the Bolian Central Council chamber was erected) was Lommat, with a population of 17.65 million.

Due to the limited amount of land available, some townships have been built in aquatic domes beneath the surface of Bolarus IX's world ocean. These cities are protected by reinforced tritanium as well as forcefield technology, with multiple failsafes in case of power failure. Such domes must contend with oceanic "weather" patterns in the form of tides and deep-sea currents, and therefore weather-prediction systems are integrated into control centres throughout these domes. Giant tidal engines use the undersea currents to produce energy, and also help to regulate the impact of the tides upon the domes themselves.

The wet seasons on Bolarus often result in flash flooding, and therefore the location of the land-based townships relies on sturdy, rock-based locations that cannot be washed away due to floodwater.

Childcare and Healthcare

Caregivers are held in very high regard in Bolian society, as they are providing the ultimate service to the largest team on the planet - the entire Bolian people. The medical system is funded entirely by the Bolian Central Council due to its importance to the Bolian people, although this deals strictly with the business of ailments and physical and psychological medicine. Care for the elderly does not form a part of the medical system, as it is the very nature of Bolian families to care for those who are too infirm to look after themselves. Moreover, it is considered a great honour to be able to do so. Ailments are increasingly rare on Bolarus IX, as research has been conducted into genetically engineering food sources. This coupled with replicated foods and research into the Bolian diet has led to Bolians having an excellent immune system.

Child care is undertaken by families from birth. It is not left to the parents to raise the children as the entire family will voluntarily pitch in to cover the various duties required to raise an infant. Elementary and secondary schools do not exist on Bolarus IX, as families take responsibility for educating children to understand Bolian principles from an early age as well as for covering their basic educational needs up to university level. Lessons are taught by word of mouth, as well as by example where possible.

The Double-Effect Principle

Bolian society supports a strong medical philosophy to support euthanasia that has been in existence for hundreds of years. The "Double-Effect" principle, as it is known, refers to an "action that has the principal effect of relieving suffering and may be ethically justified even though the same action has the secondary effect of causing death." The principle refers to assisted suicide rather than the termination of a patient's life through the wishes of their family, and must be requested by the person involved. The origins of this principle lie in the Bolians' intolerance of seeing their family members suffer: if there is nothing they can do to absolve the suffering through curing the cause, the Double-Effect principle can be invoked.