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Bolarus IX/Wildlife

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The flora of Bolarus IX is predominately blue- and orange-colored. It includes many low, flowing trees, such as the sylvin trees which blossom in the spring every year, carpeting the temperate regions of the planet with beautiful light blue petals. The Bolians value beautiful flora and often surround their homes with live plants and trees. The Sagwa tree is also prevalant on the planet, but especially in the Rabor Archipelago area. Paper made from the pulp of this tree is highly prized for its resistance to mold, mildew, or otherwise decaying.[1]

Very few land-based species survived Bolarus IX's age of industrialization, as most of their habitats were destroyed by expanding populations and exploitation. However, recent efforts to reintroduce endangered species have given many species a new chance to survive. An example of these is the Denatusi, a kind of long-horn sheep. Fine thread can be made from their wool which is used in many artistic and practical endeavors.[1]

The Bolian oceans, on the other hand, are filled with sea life; Bolians love seafood and take good care of their maritime resources. They can differentiate between the tastes of the hundreds of different fish and mollusk species and can even tell when they were harvested.

The diversity of avian species on the planet is much poorer than it was in centuries past. However, many of those which have survived are particularly beautiful, such as the bital, or bird of paradise, which has glorious prismatic plumage and assumes a prominent role in many Bolian legends.


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