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The Bolian people have an innate affinity for cooperation and group dynamics. They are chronic "workaholics" who often seem happy only when they are doing something productive and useful. However, the unique synergistic qualities possessed by the species allow them to gravitate toward and excel at team-related occupations - research, medicine, science, etc. This explains, in part, the selflessness and heroism shown by many Bolians in the face of death or emergency circumstances; they understand that another member of the "team" will be there to provide support or aid in their moment of need.

Bolians are also characterized by their meticulousness. They pay a great deal of attention to detail and efficiency, and enjoy creating order out of chaos. They work very hard, considering their duties to be a matter of honor. However, they do not consider failure to be a bad thing - only not trying in the first place is looked down upon. As long as he gives a task his best effort, a Bolian sees no shame in failing; nothing in the universe is simple and one can always learn from one's mistakes and try again.

Bolians value knowledge and enjoy exchanging information, sometimes too much for other species' comfort. They are always full of advice, which Bolians consider useful and always welcome. If someone ignores or dismisses their advice, that only makes them work harder at learning as much as possible about the subject so that the next time their suggestions might be accepted.

Bolian selflessness and dedication to service are nigh-legendary. People say, and correctly, that a Bolian will not refuse a task, no matter how dangerous it is, as long as it is helpful and somehow beneficial to others. While Bolians exemplify the ideals of the Federation in their dedication to work and their practical convictions, they can be quite narrow in their outlook, concentrating their energies and thoughts so much on their work and its attendant details that they sometimes lose sight of what really matters in life. While Bolians often have a fine sense of aesthetics and good taste, they do not allow their love of such things to interfere with their work. Although some Bolians manage to break from this pattern to explore creative pursuits, even these individuals typically work very hard at what they do and put in long hours ensuring that everything is done just right.

Many Federation citizens think of Bolians as cold "work machines"; the truth is quite the opposite. Bolians are seething with emotions, particularly fears. They are constant worriers, fearing that their work is not perfect or that they have somehow offended their associates and will be abandoned. While they do not look down upon failure, they still strive for success in all things, especially when dealing with other species. They conceal their emotions under a hard-working exterior, often believing that if they show their true emotions others will reject them. As a result, it is often difficult for Bolians to form close or lasting relationships with other species.