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This page details the physiology of the Bolian species.


It is worth noting from a medical perspective that Bolians are not naturally bald. Their baldness is due to a particular custom relating to physical prowess and dedication. Bolian hair can range from green to platinum in colour, but is most often greenish yellow.


Bolian cobalt-based blood..

The outward appearance of Bolians hints at some of the facets of their internal make-up. The most obvious of these traits, their blue skin, is due to pigmentation and blood colour, as their blood is cobalt-based. This blood is much different in chemistry to that of other races, and in the case of a requirement for transfusion, extensive genetic altering must be applied to any blood taken from an alien donor. Vulcan and Bolian blood are completely incompatible, as has been unfortunately proven through medical records: no Bolian who has received blood from a Vulcan donor has ever survived. Andorian blood is the closest match to Bolian as it is also cobalt based, but it too must be extensively altered before introduction to a Bolian patient's circulatory system.

It is also worth noting that Bolian blood is unsuitable for transfusions into other races without the same modifications in reverse: it is corrosive to other species.

The Bolian heart is situated on the right-hand side of their abdominal cavity.


The ridge that runs along the Bolian head, originating in the middle of the chest and running as far as the base of the neck, indicates a divided brain structure. Humanoid brain functions are often divided into right-hand and left-hand brain functions, but in Bolians this is much more of a polar affair. The ridge in the middle of the Bolian brain is deeper than average in humanoid physiology, and as a result Bolians tend to specialise in one strain of skills. For example, a Bolian artist would be unlikely to have an aptitude for science, and vice-versa. The structure of their brains also gives Bolians an element of resistance to hypnotic suggestion.

Captain Rixx, an albino Bolian.

Skin and Eye Pigmentation

The blue colour of a Bolian's skin is caused by a specific pigment that is produced naturally by the body. In some very rare cases, albino Bolians can be born with a deficiency in this pigment, resulting in pink skin. A famous example of this is Captain Rixx, who was involved in uncovering the Bluegill infestation of Starfleet in 2363.

Bolian eyes are typically yellow in colour. Orange eyes are sometimes caused by a recessive gene, but other than this there is no variation in iris hue.

Digestive System

The Bolian diet is not wholly dissimilar to that of other humanoids, the only exception being that they are able to stomach food that has begun to decay with much more success. The Bolian tongue is lined with cartilage, which makes them able to palate relatively strong acids.

In fact, the entire Bolian digestive system is able to handle strong acid due to a somewhat corrosive body chemistry. Bolian saliva is an irritant to other humanoid species, and it is important that a starship's latrine system is correctly configured to dispose of their strongly acidic excrement.

Interspecies Relationships

Due to the irritant nature of their saliva and the corrosive aspects of their bodily fluids, intimate relations with a Bolian can result in non-Bolians experiencing fatigue, nausea and inflammation of the joints.