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All issues that are presented to the council are decided by public forum, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential. A vote is taken by the entire council, and a simple majority in the voting is the deciding factor on most decisions, even if the margin of difference is very small. A Councillor is appointed by the government to act as spokesperson for foreign matters, but other than this duty he or she holds no augmented power in the council itself. The term for this office is not fixed - in the same way as families can change their representatives at will, the council can change its councillor at will.

Despite the seemingly drawn out process that this method of government would hint at, this has long proven to be a reliable and efficient method of government for the Bolians, who by their nature excel at group work. Compromises are reached quickly through succinct discussion, and the council tend to be in large-scale agreement over major issues before they take a vote.

As a result of the recent Iren-Uzor conflicts, the government of Bolarus IX is somewhat less stable than that of most Federation members. While the Bolian World Council is accepted as the one world government of the Bolians by the vast majority of the populace, there are still some who favor their individual nations over the Council. Such individuals argue for a return to separate sovereign nation-states, although the possibility of this actually occurring is remote.

The Bolian World Council is made up of three representatives from each of the three nations, but does not include the actual leaders of the nations. The representatives and the leaders, all of whom hold office until death or abdication, are elected in a unique manner. They must first be rated according to their abilities and education; they subsequently have to pass a series of tests to demonstrate their capability. The remaining candidates are then voted upon by all Bolians. Thus the leaders of the Bolians are not necessarily the most diplomatic members of the race, but they are extremely accomplished individuals who have earned considerable respect from the populace.