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Bolarus IX/Economy

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Bolarus is home to many valuable exports that fuel the Bolian economy. Despite the absence of money in the Federation, Bolarus is still home to a credit exchange, and is widely renowned even outside Federation borders as a centre for commerce. It is home to a wide range of gambling venues, which have been administered by the Ferengi Gambling Commission since 2373. They are among the many Federation races that used Deep Space Nine as a trading post for Bajor and the Gamma Quadrant, and their freighters were sometimes the subject of Maquis raids around 2371.

Bolian crystal steel is a highly valuable and collectable material that sells for a high price among some cultures. In addition, Bolians mine silicates and heavy metals, and ship alloys such as Rodinium and Polyduranium. Industrial plants export high-technology commodities, including anti-gravity transport units. The Bolian industrial culture is becoming more and more immersed in ship building.

The Bank of Bolarus is an important financial institution throughout both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Variations in the Bolian Credit Exchange can have implications in trade for many races, and were cited during the mediation in trade between the Federation and the Karemma in 2371.

Fleets of vessels take advantage of good weather during the Bolian spring to harvest aquatic plant life and species of fish.