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Most Bolians have two names, one family name and one given name. Bolians from the largest continent, Rasara, only take a single given name. In the case where two names are used, the family name often refers to the original head of the family's profession, which has then been passed down through the ages and has spread throughout the extended family to thousands of descendents. In either case, names often end in a double consonant that can be followed by a suffix to denote a special meaning. Examples are presented below.

Traditional Bolian names are often monosyllabic, and end in a double consonant.

Example names
Domm Finn Warr
Mott Ludd Pell
Grexx Trobb Hegg
Hett Garnn Juff

This practice is used for both male and female names.

In Bolian society, twins, triplets, quadruplets and larger groups of children born at the same time are regarded with a high level of respect. After all, these Bolians even undertook the process of being born as a group. Such children are granted suffixes for their names as shown below.

Number of Children Suffix Example
Twins -u Warru
Triplets -o Pello
Quadruplets and above -a Hegga

Towns are named similarly, following a name and suffix formation. In this case, the suffix denotes the size of the town as demonstrated below.

Size of town Suffix Example
Large Megalopolis -at Hosppat
City -ar Rholdar
Medium Town -ab Tragonab
Small Village -al Viral
Rural -or Rabor

In Federation standard, the suffixes for these locations are sometimes omitted.

Suffixes are an important part of Bolian grammar, and the different suffixes used to denote plurals, parts of speech, importance, tenses etc. account for approximately 5% of Bolian syntax. There are very few prefixes used, as grammatical rules allow for multiple suffixes to be added where required, in precise order.