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Balivari Transport Systems, or BTS as it is often called, is an immense shipping megacorporation which has territory encompassing all of Imperial space and various peripheral regions such as the Par'tha Expanse, the Solerian Sector, and the Corporate Sector Association. While it is, in itself, a massive company, it also happens to be a subsidiary of Balivari Industries. BTS' huge fleet of container ships and bulk freighters haul cargo throughout the galaxy, and its many exclusive Imperial contracts allow it to enter markets other shippers can't. It also maintains a large fleet of extremely fast and well-armed courier ships for high-paying clients with small but valuable cargoes.

Though Balivari Industries is based on Illara Prime, BTS has its headquarters and major shipping hub on Aelann. Generally, BTS keeps a low profile and stays out of sector politics, but it is widely known that its Imperial connections give it a lot of weight. Should its regional interests be threatened, it is sure to take immediate action to protect its holdings. Idle speculators enjoy debating who would come out on top should the Mining Guild and BTS ever come to grips.

Note: BTS is owned and controlled by D'Taeon Maliin. Publicly, Maliin is a wealthy industrialist who maintains a palatial business complex on both Illara Prime and Valcaria. He is certainly that, but unbeknownst to most, he is also the extremely powerful and ruthless crime lord of the Shadizaar. That Maliin is a criminal is a closely guarded secret known to only a select few, and Maliin insists that BTS be run as a completely above-board and legitimate Imperial company. The only ties between BTS and Shadizaar are through Maliin and a few of his trusted associates.

As a result, BTS is completely legitimate - not even the board of directors knows of BTS' ties to Shadizaar. This does not mean that its representatives can or will not resort to underhanded means to protect its assets (it is an Imperial company, after all). It does mean that its powerbase is limited to the legitimate contacts and resources of the company. These resources are still considerable, and more than enough to protect BTS and advance its goals. No one crosses BTS with impunity.