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Balivari Industries is a multi-system conglomerate in the Par'tha Expanse. They are the largest mega-corporation in existence and, for as far back as any records go, in history. Balivari Industries is quite often a parent company for smaller businesses, but it has also been known to lend its name to larger companies. The corporation has its hand into everything from foodstuffs to military weapons and vehicle contracts, from perfume to alcohol, from rolf manufacturing to publishing to accountancy. If you can think of a profession or product, chances are that Balivari Industries either employs it or makes it.

The corporate headquarters for BI is located on Illara Prime, in the Freeworlds Region of the Expanse. It is bigger than one building, and takes up as much area as a small town, with each building scraping the sky at a minimum of 40 stories. Hundreds of thousands of people are employed at the corporate headquarters alone, not counting satellite offices on Illara, or on other planets in other systems. More business goes through BI's corporate HQ in a day than many financially well off companies see in a fiscal quarter, or in some cases a year.

At the head of it all, is D'Taeon Maliin, the Balivari businessman after whose species the company is named. D'Taeon is a shrewd corporate executive, with more power than most heads of state have in their own realms. There have been rumors that D'Taeon is also the leader of the criminal empire known as Shadizaar, though there has never been any proof put forth, and D'Taeon's philanthropic nature and generous social persona make people dismiss them as just that - rumors. D'Taeon is aided by his vice-president, first lieutenant, right-hand man, and personal assistant Mr. Trel.

Unknown to all but a handful of individuals, the rumors are actually true. D'Taeon is the head of Shadizaar, and uses BI to launder dirty money taken in by his criminal empire, and to finance some of Shadizaar's undertakings. Everything is properly accounted for, however, and D'Taeon (though "personally hurt by such accusations") will place BI's business ledgers open as a matter of public record to any who try to connect him to "those filthy animals."