Aribelle Tagren

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Aribelle Tagren


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Was on Medical Leave, Retired
  • Rank: Formerly a Lt. Commander
  • Race: El-Aurian/Human

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"There is always something to be gained, or rather learned, from our “trying periods,” even if we do not immediately see or understand it. What keeps me going is knowing that, in some way, I’m having some kind of positive impact no matter how small it might be. To, “be the change that you wish to see in the world.” "

Doctor Aribelle "Ari" Tagren is a woman who looks much younger than she really is, thanks to her unique heritage. She was on medical leave prior to resigning from Starfleet. She now has her own practice, but still works intimately with Starfleet Medical.

The Basics

  • Full Name: Aribelle Tagren, MD
  • Nicknames: Dr. Ari, Ari, Belle (she HATES to be called "Belle")
  • Current Rank: None, a former Lieutenant Commander
  • Ship Serving: None, contracted by Starfleet Medical
  • Race: El-Aurian/Terran
  • Date of Birth: Born in the year 2315, actual date unknown. Considered a "young adult" by El-Aurian standards.
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T0/E? She is highly sensitive to others and is tactful in her interactions, especially when it comes to her patients. Her empathy is unique and is considered low-grade at best, with an innate temporal sense. She doesn't always understand these senses (or "whispers," as she refers to them).


  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Hair Color: Auburn
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Facial Features: Delicate, almost airbrushed looking
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Build: Slight
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: None visible
  • Scars: None visible
  • Handedness: Right

Presence & Personality

  • Quarters: Standard with few personal touches. She has few personal effects due to a lifetime of traveling. A painting given to her by Brayden Jorey hangs in the living area. Books also scatter throughout the space.
  • Civilian Clothing Taste: Modern vintage. Oversized earrings and ballet flats.
  • Voice: Her voice has a bit of quirk and squeak
  • Physical Presence: She is incredibly quiet and reflective. She looks young but there is an air about her that speaks El-Aurian. She often holds individuals at arm's length when it comes to a personal nature, having many acquaintances but very few close relationships. She is warm and motherly to her patients.
  • Humor: Has a somewhat dry sense of humor.
  • Likes: Art, medicine, studying and expanding her knowledge on infectious diseases. Old hardbound books.
  • Dislikes: Large crowds, disrespectful people, materialism and war.
  • Strengths: Altruistic philanthropist. Highly intuitive. Sees the best in other people, though others can view her as being gullible or naive. High tolerance for cold weather and high altitudes.
  • Weaknesses: Flusters occasionally and is slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to a task. She tends to over think matters and can be impulsive. She may speak out of turn, though she blames that on her "age" as she feels she has "floated in between generations."

Aribelle is blend of vulnerability and strength and is known to be a bit of a loner, preferring a smaller, more intimate crowd than a larger one. She is also an incredibly private person that has a quiet strength and isn't afraid to speak up when she feels like an injustice has taken place. She also has a strong set of personal values.

She hesitates when creating lasting relationships and almost shuts down and creates distance whenever things get "too close for comfort." Secretly, she fears that any human connection and commitment will ultimately end in loss or failure. The passing of her Human father left her thinking about life and what hers meant, as it concerned others. Although she does not confuse the longevity that her blood gives her with immortality, the idea of perpetual loss in her lifetime unsettles her. This, however, doesn't stop her from creating long-lasting, meaningful friendships -- just few of them.

Her El-Aurian mother calls her, "hard-headedly Human" because she tends to have a stubborn streak.



  • Father: Tristan S. Tagren (Commander)

Commander Tristan S. Tagren was born in Auckland, New Zealand, Earth. He was the Chief Tactical Officer on the USS Valkyrie. A skilled tactician, he also had an outgoing and jovial personality. He passed away shortly after contracting a deadly illness. Aribelle was close to her father and his death was sudden and traumatic for her. Commander Tagren remains a highly regarded officer.

  • Mother: Lelian

Lelian is a full-blooded El-Aurian and often tries to pass as Ari's sister. She is described as being frank, having deep red hair and green eyes, is small in stature but has a stare that is "deeply penetrating." She was on board the SS Lakul in 2293 and, prior to being rescued, had briefly visited the Nexus. She currently corresponds with the Federation in relief efforts to help refugees and others who have been through dire times. Aribelle describes her mother as a "cosmic traveller." She was devastated after her companion's (Tristan S. Tagren) passing, though she handled this grief differently than her daughter. This has caused a bit of a rift between the two. Ari felt that Lelian handled the death too well.

  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: Aribelle has not given birth to any children. However, during her days as a med student, she donated some of her eggs for altruistic reasons with the intent to help Human and El-Aurian couples. This resulted in two children by a full human couple, though, a set of twins: a son by the name of Bryce Tagren-Quinn and a daughter, Elyia Cameron Tagren-Quinn to former flame, Paul Quinn, and his wife, Amy. It was cited as an unintended clinic error, though, one that was not known until the discovery was made via routine prenatal screenings during Amy’s third trimester (she thought she was carrying her own biological children, having originally went to the clinic to aid in her own fertility issues). It is long believed that Paul manipulated things and pulled some strings, though it has never been proven with clear hard evidence. The clinic had other issues and was shut down shortly thereafter.


  • T'Mihn Ah'mygahn: Aribelle's first encounter with this unusual Vulcan was during her initial boarding of the USS Tiger-A. To celebrate promotions, the junior officers had a party in the Tiger's Den. T'Mihn got drunk off of chocolate and Aribelle practically carried her to Sickbay, where she was treated and they talked a while about T'Mihn's unique history. Aribelle finds a kindred spirit in T'Mihn, almost sisterly, and it is only amplified after their shared experience in the Reaper world. Ari admires T'Mihn for her strength and compassion.
  • A'ern Zerxes: Aribelle first met Zerxes in sickbay for his boarding physical. He was in the midst of a respiratory attack and she responded with sensitivity, treating him accordingly. They shared their mutual uneasiness with being new to the crew and, later, were assigned to the away party that would lead them to the hospital of horrors on Bilire. After Bilire, they spent some time together on Deep Space 17, feeling isolated yet together after the incidents of their first mission. A unique relationship has developed between the two and Aribelle is confused by her feelings for him. Before either could express how they truly felt, the pair was separated by Starfleet reassignments.
  • Lance Firestarter: Aribelle respected the Chief Medical Officer, Lance Firestarter, right from the start. They seemed to have a mutual understanding and respect each other's work ethics. However, with the mysterious events surrounding Firestarter and chronitons, Aribelle finds herself in the CMO's position. With Lance now in a coma and in long-term care, she feels that she has failed her former CMO.
  • Alex Blair: Alex earned Aribelle's respect when he stopped her from leaving a small gathering of Junior officers at the Tiger's Den, right before arriving Bilire IV. She had been overwhelmed by all the new people. Because of his selflessness, she could see that his character was genuine and has earned the early start of a friendship.
  • Brayden Jorey: Brayden and Aribelle were held captive by the Reapers. When she was promoted to Lieutenant, Jorey gave her a painting as a gift.
  • Velana: From the moment that Aribelle met Velana, she recognized that there was something different and special about her. Ari delivered Velana's child under unusual circumstances on Zakdorn IV. She considers Velana a dear friend.
  • Paul Quinn, born in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a retired Federation Captain. He formerly served as the Commanding Officer on a Sovereign class vessel, the USS Poseidon, and used to work for himself by taking assignments that the Federation simply does not have the time or interest for. His ship, the SS Valestar. Aribelle and Quinn knew each other for several decades. A former romance has been implied between the two in sim, and he once proposed to her but due to his promiscuous nature and Ari's inability to make a commitment, the two never venture down that path. On 239103.09, she received news that Paul passed away but later found out that he had faked his own death.

Personal History

The Early Years

It seemed to be lust at first sight, at least to those observing the two in the beginning stages of their romance. When Tristan Tagren met Lelian on Betazed, he had just graduated from the Academy and was in awe of the woman. In his eyes, she was perfect -- flawlessly beautiful and cultured. It was almost too good to be true. The connection between the two continued beyond their one night stand and they eventually found themselves committing to each other despite the distance and time that separated them.

A few years into their romance, Lelian became pregnant with their first and only child. When Aribelle was born in 2315, they made a point to be together as much as they possibly could to bring stability to their young daughter. When they couldn't be together, Aribelle split her time respectively between her unmarried parents.

As a child, Aribelle had flowing, wavy red hair and always wore a bright, infectious smile.

Teenage Years and Early Adulthood

No one could really anticipate how she would mature. When she was a child, she developed and grew as any full-blooded Human. At about the age of 19, the aging process started to slow as a result from her El-Aurian side. She was considered an "adult" by the age of 30, "locked" in the body of someone in their early-twenties (by Terran standards). The aging process is different for El-Aurian hybrids and seems to be unique to each individual, based off stress, life experience and other factors. There have been theories, with mentions of the Hayflick limit as well as El-Aurian immune systems, but this remains a topic of great debate.

She pursued studies on the planet where her parents first met: Betazed. Aribelle became a brilliant painter and sculptor. Sadness soon followed after her first art exhibit. Word came that her father contracted a deadly illness. Aribelle became bitter after his death a few months later. To her, life just did not matter and she sank into a depression. After a few months of traveling with her mother, Aribelle decided that she wanted to know more about space-bound illnesses, and how it would infect and affect one species to another. This gave her renewed spirit and a "calling."

Again, she enrolled into studies, but this time it was med school. Her passion fueled her work ethic. She completed her residency and fellowship and later enrolled into the Academy.

Present: Starfleet Officer

While a doctor first, Aribelle finds herself struggling between her medical training and her duty as a Starfleet officer. She feels out of place among the younger officers even if they physically look the same.

Professional History


Aribelle was an accomplished artist before enrolling in med school. She is a specialist in Infectious Disease and has worked at the Xenopathology and Infectious Disease Institute on Earth, helping to design innovative treatments for patients as well as creating tools and safety measures for the healthcare providers treating them.


Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
004-Cadet1st-Teal.png Cadet 238909.27 USS Centris-A Cadet Cruise
01-Ensign-Teal.jpg Ensign 238909.29 - 239002.06 USS Tiger-A Medical Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Teal.jpg Lieutenant JG 239002.06 - 239005.22 USS Tiger-A Chief Medical Officer
03-Lieutenant-Teal.jpg Lieutenant 239055.22 - 239009.01 USS Tiger-A Chief Medical Officer
03-Lieutenant-Teal.jpg Lieutenant 239012.20 - 239103.10 USS Vigilant Medical Officer
04-LtCommander-Teal.jpg Lt. Commander 239103.10 - 239104 USS Vigilant-A Assistant Chief Medical Officer
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lt. Commander 239104.08 - 239106.01 USS Vigilant-A First Officer

Mission History

Aribelle is currently on medical leave.

  • 238910.01 - 239001.24: The conditions were dire on Bilire IV. After discovering that the planet is plagued by a disease fittingly called the "Wrath," Ari became adamant in finding a cure while keeping the crew safe. When she first arrived to the planet on an away mission led by Fleet Captain Sidney Riley, her heart went out to the people, painfully aware of the conditions the Romulans were in. If that wasn’t enough, a deadly storm released its fury onto the world, bringing with it a wall of water that nearly destroyed the dilapidated hospital where Ari was treating the ill. Getting caught in the turbulent waters, Ari was left barely alive on the rocky cliffs nearby where she is abducted by a Reaper and experienced horrifying nightmares tailored specifically to her. T’Mihn and Brayden Jorey soon joined her. The trio eventually decide to do something unprecedented: a three-way mind meld, to try and reach out to the crew of the Tiger. They are eventually saved by Captain Riley and an away party. As her various wounds (physical and emotional) healed, Ari attempted to regain control of her life by immersing herself in work and helping with the standard post-exposure follow-up for the Wrath so the crew can have much needed leave time on Deep Space 17, without worry.
  • 239002 - 239005: An encounter with a Free Trade Union ship led to an unfortunate boarding of the USS Tiger-A. Lieutenant Zerxes and Ari were taken hostage by Gar and his formidable group of Grendellai. Because of Zerxes' quick thinking, they are able to narrowly escape the clutches of the pirates and share an intimate emotional moment afterwards.
  • 239005 - 239007: The USS Tiger-A encountered a mysterious alien lifeform that granted the "wishes" of its crew members. Once the "wishes" turned more dangerous, telepathic contact with the lifeform was attempted but ended badly, with the Tiger being hurled to an unknown Class O planet.
  • 239009 - 239012: Ari was called away from the USS Tiger-A to assist on Ger'Vol, a colony at an unknown location. Medical assistance was needed and, while there, Aribelle contracted parasites and went on medical leave for roughly six weeks.
  • 23912: Assigned to the USS Vigilant.

Awards & Commendations

Awards and Ribbons
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Winner 239002.01
Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg Prisoner of War Ribbon 239002.06
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg Purple Heart 239002.06
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 239002.06 & 239103.10
Awards ServiceRibbons RomulanCampaign 2011.jpg Romulan Campaign Medal 239002.06
Awards ServiceRibbons Ithassa 2011.jpg Ithassa Region Campaign Medal 239002.06
KlingonInvasion.jpg Klingon Invasion Ribbon 239002.06
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg Joint Meritorious Unit Ribbon 239103.10
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg Good Conduct Ribbon 239103.10


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