The Zakdorn Stratagem Redux (Vigilant)

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Zakdorn IV
The Vigilant was docked with Deep Space Six doing ongoing routine matters like working on the shield emitters and inventory of the armory when Fleet Captain Herrera gets a directive from StarFleet Command. There will be a formal inspection from the Zakdorn leader, Bokzadema Bokzadeshti. This put the crew goes into hypedrive to get the ship ready, but most of the crew felt that there is an alternative motive for the inspection.

The Zakdorn Stratigo came on aboard and does a very quick inspection. She then meets with the Captain only to tell him that there had been a surveillance device on board the ship since it was built, and gave proof of it in several data recordings of actions that occurred on the Vigilant, both of a public and private nature. After the bombshell about the surveillance device which she shows to the Captain, the Stratigo leaves quickly to head back to Zakdorn IV, Prak Zel. The Captain ordered to get underway to head back to Zakdorn IV to land at the ship yards where the Vigilant was launched. The Captain orders that the ship be searched from stem to stern for anymore hidden monitoring devices, and the ship lands at the Shipyards. A rouge virus is found active in the ship, which had reappeared after months of being dormant. Fleet Captain Herrera takes an away team with him to the Assembly building in the capital city of Prak Zel. Meanwhile, Chief Engineer taJoot attempts a complete shutdown to purge the system. He by accident or by the rogue virus activates the self-destruct mechanism. While this is happening the First Officer, Lt. Commander Zerxes orders that the ship be evacuated at once. Finally the shutdown procedure works, leaving the Vigilant dead on the grounds of the shipyards.

During the meeting with the Stratigo in the Assembly Hall in Prak Zel, Bokzadeshti weaves a story that blames the Suliban and the Federation for the troubles of the Federation. According to her the Federation is not being fair with the Zakdorn and their contribution to the Federation. Herrera details an away team to investigate the now vacant Suliban embassy. The team finds a hidden room a shambles and faked security footage of a nonexistent fire fight with Zakdorn security forces. At that point the Assembly Building comes under attack from a large group Suliban warriors.

Suliban cultural center
The away team finds an encoded message and fights it way back to the Assembly building. Lt. Pavlova joins the defacto combat team, which forces its way back into the assembly hall to relieve the Captain’s team. With the arrival of Commander Tan and Velana, the fighting pesters out. First Officer Zerxes and his team arrive only to have doctor Velana giving birth in the situation room. Luckily Doctor Tagren is there to assist in the delivery of the child.

Finally, order is restored and with the end of the disbursement field, it allows for transporter contact. The Suliban are driven from Prak Zel with contact with the defense satellites, which easily engage enemy shuttles that that transported them to the surface. Lt. Matthews reports that the encoded message proves that the entire Suliban assault was orchestrated by the Vulcan High Command. This only gives Bokzadeshti more cause to fault the Federation. With the end of combat operations and the ship uninhabitable the Captain orders the crew to shore leave on Zalkdorn IV, while the ship is repaired.