Ravensville (Vigilant)

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Ravensville asylum
Most of the crew awoke on board the Vigilant but it was quite apparent that some of them were missing. It was a few seconds later that they were returned with one of the strangest tales that would go down in a Starfleet mission report. It was from interviews and depositions that those taken had been lab animals in a very controlled experiment by a race called the Senivans. The stated primary reason for the abduction was of behavioral and cultural interaction which the aliens would monitor. The aliens transferred them to a time of the early 2010’s back on Earth in a small Midwest town called Ravensville There they were implanted as human characters of the time, or more specifically made up characters with complete backgrounds, experiences, abilities and histories. They wanted to see the interaction of the crew.

Those crew members taken were given generally one of a few character traits or occupations, that of a doctor at mental institution, a patient at said institution, law enforcement, working at a local restaurant or working at local automotive garage The list included the following officers.

Even non humanoids were given the appearance of humans. Dealing with everyday life in the rundown and seemingly dark town.Most but not all of the crew found the experience very unrewarding during those 5 weeks living those lives.

It started to became apparent that there was something wrong in Ravensville. The first was that of a new drug called Gracialis, that was to be given to the patients in the asylum, it just appeared for clinical use without the proper authorization. Also that of a missing citizen that could not be accounted for. Also Lt. Commander Eerie in his guise as Mark 'Eerie' Swift being hit by a automobile with no damage at all. Also a patient’s strange obsession with a musical piece of https://soundcloud.com/ed-brown-21/passacaglia music. Finally the holoprojector started to come apart in the Plaza lounge and the scenario was ended by the aliens.

The Senivan, while hidden from view, and the crew now finding themselves in some type of force field told those who were so experimented on that they were explores that learned from other aliens their ways. They had decided to test the crew, by given them human form. They told them that they meant no harm and would be returned to their ship. The aliens fielded several questions from sceptically crewmembers, but denied any ill will toward the crew of the Vigilant.