Antor II

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Antor II is a Federation colony and a member of the Colonial Coalition. It is the capital of the Coalition.


Antor II

The third largest colony by population, Antor II is still recovering from a series of earthquakes that decimated its infrastructure. Although proclaimed as the capital of the Coalition, Antor II actually has very little sway over the affairs of the other colonies, and the Coalition itself is more of a united voice for the colonies dealings with the larger Federation or other foreign powers than it is a true governing body for its members.

Rajel Tutoatasi gives a public address about his challenge for the position of Governor of Antor II in hopes to reaffirm the planet's position as capital of the Colonial Coalition, claiming that the political situation of the Shoals is not of benefit to the colony worlds. Representatives of both Meridian and Karakka were claimed to share Tutoastasi's view.[1]

When reports of pirate attacks emerge along the Widowmaker Trail with no Starfleet vessel available to assist, Tutoatasi gives another public address condeming the lack of suitable Starfleet precense, and contacts the Klingon Empire for better security. Tutoatasi calls for the unification of the Shoals, and for the seven colonies to seek independence from the Federation.[2]

Planetary information

Antor II possesses an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere like most M class planets, but its atmosphere is thin, equivalent to Earth in some of its highest mountain ranges. Most humanoids who are not acclimatized to thin atmospheres will experience altitude sickness quickly without supplemental oxygen, and find physical activity difficult and intensely draining.

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