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Andoria is a frigid P-Class moon that orbits the fifth planet (a ringed gas giant) in the Andorian system. Approximately 85% of the moon's surface is covered in water, and the moon is characterized by two large ice caps at its poles. These are much bigger than those found on Earth.

Andoria is one of the five founding worlds of the United Federation of Planets. It is in close proximity to Vulcan, with whose people the Andorians endured great conflict for many years. Andoria forms the capital of the Andorian Empire, and is home to the Andorians and their offshoot species, the Aenar. Andoria is relatively close to the Sol system.

Andoria is also referred to as Andor, both by Andorians and off-worlders.

Home System


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  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Sector 006
  • Proper Name: Andorian system
    • Other names: Kuy'va system
  • Star: Orbits a class B star
  • Distance from Star:
  • Companions: 7 planets, 1 ringed gas giant
  • Moons: 1 (Andoria)

Home World

  • Proper Name: Andoria
    • Other names: Andor
  • Diameter: 10,084 kilometres
  • Gravity: 1 standard gravity
  • Axial Tilt:
  • Orbital Period:
  • Rotational Period: 32 hours
  • Classification: P class moon
  • Surface Water: Approximately 85%
  • Atmosphere:
  • Climate: Frigid. Average temperature during the summer months in an Aenar settlement averages around -28˚C
  • Terrain: Two large ice caps at each pole
  • Population: 5,000 Aenar, significantly more Andorians.
Map of Andoria.


Jonathan Archer and Shran travel the Aenar tunnels in search of the Aenar city.

Many Andorian cities are subterranean, using geothermal energy to warm them in order to make habitation more comfortable. They connected by thousands of kilometers of ice tunnels. The surface is referred to as bracingly cold, even by the Andorians themselves, as the temperature only ever rises above zero degrees centigrade during rare heatwaves. Scientists theorise that it was in volcanic rifts, and in underground pockets near the planet's core that temperatures were high enough to sustain the origins of life.

There are 4 continents on Andoria, Issa (Northern Ice-Cap), Ka’thela, Tlanek (Southern Ice-Cap) and Voral. Ka’thela and Voral are connected by the Tharan Mountains.

Lor'Tan is the largest city on Andoria, although its administrative capital is Laibok. Borders between countries do not exist, instead various areas are controlled by different keth, similar to a tribal territorial system.

Physical map of Andoria.

Andorian Landmarks

  • The Andor's Art Academy is considered one of the foremost educational institutions for artists within the entire Federation.
  • The Wall of Heroes is a place on Andoria where fallen members of the Imperial Guard can be honoured by depositing a vial of their blood.
  • The Andorian Mountains are considered to be a place of outstanding natural beauty within the galaxy, and many newlywed couples visit them as a honeymoon location.


  • The Andorian Amoeba holds particular scientific interest due to its somewhat unique reproduction system. Through fusing with another single cell organism, the amoeba produces a completely new species.
  • Andorian Bulls are known for their extremely aggressive dispositions.
  • Andorian Redbats are considered by some to be a great delicacy.
  • Andorian tuber roots are extremely high in calorific content. As such they make ideal additions to emergency provisions.
  • In the polar regions of Andoria, Ice-Bore swarms often congregate. These worms are able to produce heat internally through a chemical reaction, and are harvested by the Aenar for worldwide distribution.
  • Sharing a similarity with horses on Earth, Zabathu are often used as mounts by Andorian riders.


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