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Andorian/Religion and Spirituality

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While Andorians do not appear outwardly to be religious, there are tenets and beliefs that they hold dear. Perhaps the most important axiom of the Andorian people is: “With the bond we are whole, without the bond we are nothing”

The Andorians' main deity, Uzaveh the Inifinite

Deities and Religious Principles

Uzaveh the Infinite is the main deity in the Andorian belief system. It is believed that he was responsible for the Breaking (dividing of the Andorian people into four genders). The Tale of the Breaking recounts in detail as to how the four Andorian genders tie in with religion. This relates to each representing an element of Andorian spirituality.

  • Thaan are believed to represent wisdom. Their spiritual element is Star.
  • Zhen are believed to represent strength. Their spiritual element is Earth.
  • Shen are believed to represent blood. Their spiritual element is Water.
  • Chan are believed to represent passion. Their spiritual element is Fire.

Thori is the Andorian deity who governs nature, including the growth of crops and the ecology of Andoria.


The Sending

The Sending is a ritual that is observed to mark the death of a clansman.

  • It is preceded by the Rite of Memory in which mourners record memories of the deceased in the form of biochemical imprints on a crystalline cipher.
  • Mourners create their own mask of death for this ritual. It cannot take place until all members of the clan concerned are present to participate. As such, the deceased is kept preserved in the clan keep until the ritual can begin.
  • The ritual is timed to be completed before midnight. Clan members are summoned by five tolls of a bell, at which time the coffin is brought out from the keep by hooded, robed figures to the rhythm of a drum beat. The procession is led by the three surviving bond mates of the deaceased, and a priest or priestess who represents the missing gender from the bond. Each one represents one of the four Andorian elements – Wisdom, Strength, Blood and Passion.
  • The coffin is placed on an obsidian coffin while ritual songs are sung. When the entirety of the procession reaches the table, the leader of the ceremony offers a prayer before both the body and the memory cipher are cremated.

The Time of Knowing

The Time of Knowing is a ritual of betrothal between a member of each of the four sexes. A locket containing a strand of each member’s hair, and the symbols of each sex placed around a cross-shape is given to participants.

Ritual attire

The attire used for formal Andorian rituals differs by gender:-

Gender Ritual Attire
Thaan Suit of chain mail.
Chan Traditional Andorian warrior's attire.
Shen A robe that exposes the whole of the shen's back. Shen often wear body paint to ritual ceremonies.
Zhen Three piece bodysuit. This is knitted and form fitting. An over-garment is worn to protect the privacy of a zhen who is carrying a child to term.