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The Andorians speak a unified language known as Graalen.

Origins of Graalen

It is believed that because they can sense subtle variations in pitch and vibration that Andorian speech is soft and sibilant. This is also believed to be partially due to their language originating from music and partially due to their hearing being different from other races. This theory is lent support by the fact that as a culture Andorians have a great interest in music.


Handwritten Graalen.

Below is an example of Graalen, showing the ways in which the four genders are referred to in various situations and through varying levels of politeness.

Apparent Sex Gender Polite form of Address Bondmate Endearment Parental Name Offspring Name Sibling Parent by Marriage Child by Marriage
She Zhen Zha Zh'yi Zhavey Zhei Zhi Zhadi Zhri'za
She Shen Sha Sh'za Shreva Shei Shi Shidei Shri'za
He Chan Cha Ch'te Charan Chei Chi Chada Chri'ze
He Thaan Tha Th'se Thavan Thei Thi Thadu Thri'ze

Examples taken from the table above include the Andorian equivalents to the Federation Standard "sister", being shi or zhi, depending on gender, and the equivalents for "father" being charan and thavan.









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