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There are 3 races and 1 sub-race among the Andorians. These are the Thallassan, Talish, Bish'ee and the Aenar (a sub-race of the Bish'ee).

Image Race Name Description
Thalassan The Thallassan race are the most common and numerous of the Andorian races. They can be identified by their bumpy antenna that stick up from the top of their heads, but then curve forward so that the tips face forward. These tips tend to look like a flower because they flare out right at the tip around the opening.
Talish The Talish race can be identified by their thin, smooth antenna that stick out from the tops of their foreheads and extend out forward with a slight bend in the antenna. The tip is smooth, does not flare out and ends with a small tiny opening that they use to hear and smell with.
Bish'ee The antenna of the Bish'ee are straight, standing up from their heads about halfway between where they would be on a Talish or a Thallassan. They are smooth and end in an almost unnoticable flare right at the tip around the opening to the internal sensory organs.
Aenar The Aenar are a sub-race as they are closely related to the Bish'ee but they are also radically different from any of the other Andorian races. They are blind, albino cave dwellers that live in the far north in underground cities that exist under the polar cap. They were considered to be a myth for many years but since have been proven to exist. Still very few people have ever seen one as they are isolationists who value their carefully guarded privacy.

While they are considered to be a very secretive people it is considered fact that they are quiet, intelligent, peaceful and carry themselves with a kind of reserved dignity. They are also telepathic but are polite enough to ask for permission before they read someones mind. How they are able to get around with out being able to see is unknown. This is just another one of the many mysteries that they either can't or won't explain about themselves.