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This page contains non-cannon information about Andorians and Eenar, generated by Sarikvaster for his hybrid character, Lt. Jg Sarik Vaster.



The gender determining chromosomes are called S, C, and T (rougly analogus to the Terran X and Y). Each Andorian has three of these chromosomes and the combination determins gender. The individual is Shan if they have SSS, Chan if they have SSC, Thaan if they have SST, and Zhan if they have SCT. Each gamete contain only one of the three. Shan eggs always have a S chromosome. Thaan and Chan sperm have a 50% chance of containing a S, or either a T or C respectively. The reason its not 33% chance of an S is because during early development, the second S chromosome in the Thaan and Chan undergoes and chemical change that isolates it from the other chromosomes and is expessed from the cells during meiosis. Although punnant squares are usually used to show the genotype probabliliy of offspring, it works on the same prinipal for chromosomes as far a gender is related.


With the S given by the Shan ommited because it is present in all genders. His produces an exact 1/4 chance of a child being every gender. The Zhan does not contribute any genetic material. This is because by the time the embryo is transfered to the Zhan, it is to deveolped to accept new genetic material into all of its cells.


Andorians require 4 individuals to procreate.


Aenar Telepathy

There are three levels to Eanar telepathy. One is the collective mind that is produced to reach a decision among the Aenar. It does not have a spoken name, there isn’t really need for one. It is a very impersonal type of telepathy. When you remove yourself from it you get the feeling of the people as a whole, not individuals. Its rather like a giant pot of stew, everyone and everyone throws their ingredients in. When you have your bowl, everything that was contributed has an impact on the flavor, but you can’t tell by tasting it who put what in.

The conversational telepathy that most Aenar use in place of speaking is known as Shehan by the Andorians. It is a limited connection where only surface thoughts are read.

Thalzi is a much closer intimate connection that is generally only made with family and close friends. It is similar to a Vulcan mind meld. The participants usually enter a "world" constructed by one of both of the participants. It is an easy way to view others memories or collaborate on creative endeavors. When in a Thalzi the participants can access the other's memories, thoughts and emotions. There are ways to block things and keep certain thoughts or memories private, but this is usually not done because Thalzi is only shared with those one trusts.


In the afterlife there are 4 levels. From bottom to top they are The Sunken Tunnels, The Frozen Labrynth, The Thawed Planes and the Floating City.