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Andorians interrogate Jonathan Archer at P'Jem.

The Andorian race has a genetic tendency towards violent behaviour. The cause of this is a biochemical reaction to possible danger. The result is an increase in sensory input levels, enhanced analytical, reasoning skills and usually physical violence depending on the source of the danger.

Andorians have a greater ability to handle stress and pressure. They usually become calmer and more focused in a crisis until they finally allow themselves to resort to violence if the situation calls for it.

The Andorian people are a complex and often puzzling race for others to try and understand. One reason is that most non-Andorians think that they are humorless and irritable. This is not true. They have a unique form of humor that most other races find almost impossible to understand. They also have trouble understanding the humor of other races.

As for being irritable this may be because they have a strong cultural taboo against frivolity or any activity that that may be a waste of time. They are very serious and hard working and tend to avoid activities that others enjoy. Since they tend to avoid all most all recreational activites or social gatherings this has resulted in many thinking they are unsociable or snobbish. Another aspect of this problem is that they do not take part in small talk. All conversations tend to be very business like.

Andorians almost never create strong personal friendships with anyone who is not bonded with them. This is due to their cultural concept of the whole that can only be achieved by bonding with the other 3 members of their bondgroup.

Andorians have a long history of conflict. While it is true that they do not tend to enter into combat without a good reason, when they do they fight they can attack quickly, fighting with extreme skill and savagery. However they prefer to take their time, thinking out all the pros and cons of a strategy if the battle permits. It is because of their strong martial spirit, personal honor and strong sense of duty that they tend to make excellent military officers.

Another aspect of their nature that has and probably will continue to cause them problems with other races is their concept of privacy. They do not use doors and tend to have communal sleeping and living areas. For them privacy is a personal concept. They avoid seeing or hearing anything that happens within someone else's personal space. For them to listen in or observe something of a personal nature would be considered incredibly rude and culturally unacceptable.

Should anyone happen to wrong an Andorian it is likely to provoke an extreme reaction, often resulting in violence, depending on the nature of the misdeed.

Among Andorians a smile is convayed by a soft, liquid gaze. It is only because of their exposure to humans and other races to who facial expressions are the custom that they have learned to mimic and make a reserved human-like smile. In many different situations an Andorian's emotions can be read by looking at the position of their antennae.


Such movement can express feelings in much the same way as other humanoids use their facial muscles to the same effect. They easily convey such emotions as fear (by quivering), excitement (by standing rigid), confusion (by lashing about), rage (by pressing back against the skull), amusement (by the antenna facing each other), interest (by curving towards object of interest), tiredness (by drooping) and sexual arousal (by slow writhing).

Andorians often point their antennae at potential mates to signify attraction, in fact the most erotic caress or intimate kiss among Andorians involves the touching of the tips of their antennae together. Antennae are considered to be more than just a sensory organ, in fact they are so important to Andorians that touching them without permission is considered to be the ultimate act of rudeness and any threat of injury to their antennae is considered grounds for assault and murder.