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Andorian weaponry

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Image Name Dimensions Description
Chaka Chaka 35cmx75cm A claw-like weapon designed to be cradled between the fingers to form a punch-blade. Multiple blades protrude from the sides of the weapon, allowing for multiple lacerations in one stroke.
Hrisal Hrisal 60cm long Single-edged fighting knife favoured by the Andorian Imperial Guard. Known as an "everyday" weapon, the single-edged blade has a slight curve at the end of the weapon and looks a lot like the human "scimitar".

The cultural significance of this weapon is noted and used as an insult in society. To say someone has "a dull hrisal" is accusing the bearer of cowardice.

Flabbjellah.jpg Flabbjellah Unknown Combined musical instrument and weapon and the typical side arm of the Andorian race.
Ushaantor Ushaan-tor Unknown A Miner's icepick, also used as a duelling weapon in Ushaan duels and played witch by children.