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Andorian/Food and Beverages

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The Andorian palate interprets salty flavor as a spicy peppery taste. Many Andorian foods, such as Onshoman soups, tend to be very salty.

Listed below are some of the better known Andorian dishes and drinks.

Hot Beverages

  • Katheka is a stimulant drink that is very similar to Terran coffee.
  • Srjula is a bright yellow tea that is very bitter yet tart at the same time. It is made by dissolveing orange colored leaves in hot water.
  • Another Andorian tea is Talla which is made from the bark of a talla tree. It is a cheaper drink and not as popular as srjula.

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Probably the best known alcoholic drink is Andorian ale which comes in a few different varieties. The most common is a colorful blue ale with a very high alcohol content. They also produce a yellow ale that has a nutty flavour.
  • Another very popular and well known alcoholic drink is the Andorian Sunset cocktail.

Vegetable Dishes

  • Andorian tuber root may be served in a variety of ways. One way is to serve it raw sliced into a salad. It is considered a staple for most Andorians and is very high in calories.
  • Flat Root is usually roasted and is a brownish, orange vegetable dish.
  • Fat-grass, a grain bearing plant found growing all over Andoria except in the Northern Wastes, is a highs source of protein.
  • Most babies are fed mashed xixu fronds (a marine plant) once they have started to be weaned off of zhiassa, which is the milk produced by a nursing zhen who is also called a zhavey while nursing.

Other Food

  • Hari is the traditional Andorian bread served with most meals.
  • Another popular dish is Impararay Redbat which is made using an Andorian redbat.
  • Many visitors to Andor are offered steamed Shaysha which is a barely edible orange speckled beetle like andorian insect. Many unwary newcomers to Andor have been encouraged to try them.
  • Esh'esh is a popular soup from Onshoma district which is very salty, often sending non-Andorians groping for a water glass.
  • Seafood of many kinds are also a staple of most Andorians diet.