Yidian Light Bringer

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Yidian Light Bringer 01.png
Yidian Light Bringer
Position Elder Dokkaran
Rank Civilian
Species Dokkaran
Gender Female
DOB 216503.12
Age 235
Birthplace Ceata
Writer ID O239609AD0

Yidian Light-Bringer is a ruthless Dokkaran from the Trezire star system.


  • Height: 1.8m (6')
  • Weight: 38kg (85lbs)
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Thin
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Retractable Claws: Dokkarans have a set of retractable white claws that are made of hardened calcium, and have a faint shimmering sparkle to them. In a healthy Dokkaran, the claws are strong enough to rip through the flesh of most predators on Ceata, straight to the bone
  • Telepathic Ability: Yidian is not telepathic per say, but like all other members of her species, she is highly attuned to the world around her and able to detect shifts and changes in the bodies of those around her (Particularly their hormones). Yidian is able to process these hormonal shifts and identify what that those hormones mean. Yidian can tell if someone is lying, aroused, depressed, and is not overwhelmed by the sensation and takes the sensory input as just another sensation, unlike telepaths which have to exercise mental discipline to keep from becoming overwhelmed by the thoughts of those around them.

The Second Awakening

The sentient Vizinyian Tree, called, “The Lady,” by Dokkarans gained greater awareness from the initial contact with members of an away team from the USS Elysium, who were sent down to the planet Ceata on Stardate 2165. This led to the emergence of a new form of beingness, embodied by the Dokkaran race.

The first to emerge were the Elders. Many have journeyed to Kural Hanesh to study with clerics and commune with the goddess. Some have chosen to wander the wild lands of Ceata and others have sought knowledge of the greater galaxy, traveling off-world. A few have even entered Starfleet.

Yidian Light-Bringer is an Elder who left the council because of a growing awareness of the lack of development among her kind. It was her perception that the existing conditions of harmonious life created a situation of a most pallid experiential nexus in which lessons were garnered with, to use a human term, the relative speed of a turtle to a cheetah.

The Lady and all Dokkarans, strive towards self-consciousness or self-awareness. This striving takes place through higher life forms who are invested with an identity to the extent that they become self-aware mind/body/spirit complexes.

Dokkarans also seek to gather experiences that might prove interesting to them, creating a complex exchange of memories and ideas across the entire species.

The decision to contemplate perfection in discipline is quite improbable without the veil of ignorance, the separation from The Lady and all other Dokkarans. So Yidian has chosen a form of self-exile from other Dokkarans in order to explore disharmonious concepts.

Yidian Light-Bringer wants to help her people evolve by exploring the concept of good and evil. Like all Dokkarans, Yidian sees the virtue of savagery as a means to an end. So Yidian has chosen a path of greater understanding through disharmonious experiences. She has chosen the path of violence.

Quote from Yidian Light-Bringer

Those Dokkarans whose existence has been experience without free will, have not, in the feeling of the council, given The Lady the quality and variety of experience of themselves as have those Dokkarans which have incorporated free will as paramount.

Let us illustrate by observing the relative harmony and unchanging quality of existence in one of your, as you call it, primitive tribes. The entities have the concepts of lawful and taboo, but the law is inexorable and all events occur as predestined.

There is no concept of right and wrong, good or bad. It is a culture in monochrome.

In this context you may see the one that human mythology has called Lucifer as the true light-bringer in that the knowledge of good and evil both precipitated the mind/body/spirits of humanity from the Edenic conditions of constant contentment but also provided the impetus to move, to work and to learn.

- Yidian Light-Bringer



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