Welcome To Uzoka 4 (Atlantis)

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  • Duration - ?
  • Mission Name - Welcome To Uzoka 4
  • Mission Tag - Will shore leave on Uzoka IV be complicated by an alien presence or a criminal seeking asylum?

Mission Brief

Having successfully arrived on Uzoka 4, the Atlantis delivers the Grenushi Ambassador as promised and the peace talks commence. The same night of their arrival, Commander Blueheart announces shore leave and holds an awards ceremony in the Presidential Palace of the capital city of the Krayav Republic. Rendal Rennyn and Tamaiti Scott are promoted to Lieutenants, Junior Grade, while Tyler Kelly and Montague Eickleberger are promoted to full Lieutenants. Also during the ceremony, three new ensigns fresh out of the Academy report for duty. The crew take advantage of shore leave to enjoy the culture and sights of the capital city and Uzoka 4, in addition to getting to know each other more personally. New relationships are forged and old ones re-examined in new light. One such example of the latter is Commander Blueheart getting to know his First Officer a little more closely – and finding out to his shock that the Angosian-Betazoid man has another sentient entity living inside him who calls himself Kelrod! Will this revelation put a strain to the delicate symbiotic relationship between the two men?

Meanwhile, a Krayav chef wrongly accused and punished for murder, seeks political asylum aboard the Atlantis. Will his extraordinary culinary skills be enough to convince the senior staff to allow him to stay? And what about the juvenile Cloud Dancer named Rover who has decided to make the Atlantis his home? How will the crew tolerate his headache-inducing and shape-shifting quirky and playful presence? Follow these and other interesting twists in future installments of the new adventures of the Atlantis!