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“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”

- Harvey S. Firestone

'For the alternate universe counterpart, see Lael Desai-Orrey (alternate).

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Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is love of Humanity.

Personal Information
Fullname Ishkkabella Journs
Date of Birth 235911.23
Age 38
Place of Birth San Francisco, USA, Earth
Race Human
Height 5'10
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Short, dark hair
Empathic Rating 0
Occupation Security
Specialties Marine Fighter Pilot/SAR
Rank Ensign
Other Information

About The Writer

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Service Ribbons
Leftshuttle.png Personnel Brief Rightshuttle.png

She is the 29-year-old Assistant Chief Medical Officer currently serving aboard the USS Atlantis under Captain Jarred Thoran. She previously served as a medical officer aboard the USS Braveheartand briefly aboard the Duronis II Embassy..

She was born the youngest child of three in the Sez Toural province on Leya-I to mother Levira Daeli and father Dezan Journs and was raised in an unusually small Haemachuo group with two only others. From a young age, Ishka enjoyed spending time with and looking after younger children. When she received her branch assignment at age 10, Ishka studied at the Sez Toural Akademio de Medicina with the goal of becoming a doctor. After eight years of intense study, her favorite uncle was exiled from Leya-I for not conforming. A few months later, he entered his Season and was unable to find a mate. His death hit Ishka hard and she began to question some of the fundamental truths of Al-Leyan culture. Instead of speaking out, she left Leya-I to continue her studies at Starfleet Medical Academy. Upon graduation, she was assigned to the USS Braveheart where she eventually reached the rank of Lieutenant.

She specializes in Xenopathology and is a qualified surgeon.

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Personality Summary



Hobbies and Activities




Life Goals

Personal Achievements


Starfleet Promotion & Assignment History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
StarFleet Marine Corps
STO Cadet4th Green.jpg Cadet, 4th Class 238408.12 - 238508.14 Academy.jpg
StarFleet Marine Corps
Major: Fighter Pilot and Maintenance
Basic Marine Training
STO Cadet3rd Green.jpg Cadet, 3rd Class 238508.14 - 238611.15 Student
Advanced Marine Training
STO Cadet2nd Green.jpg Cadet, 2nd Class 238611.15 - 238704.25 Student
Marine Combat Pilot Training
Phase's White and Green
STO Cadet1st Green.jpg Cadet, 1st Class 238704.25 - 238706.30 Student
Marine Combat Pilot Training
Phase's Red & Graduation
STO Cadet1st Green.jpg 238708.28 - 238806.28 USS Centris-A
USS Centris-A
Minor: Security
Cadet Cruise
Marine Earth Defense Force
STO 2LT Green.jpg 2nd Lieutenant 238806.28 - 238809.15 Marine Earth Defense Force Back Up Pilot For Charlie Wing
STO 2LT Green.jpg 2nd Lieutenant 238809.15 - 238812.10 Alpha 5 Status pilot
STO 2LT Green.jpg 2nd Lieutenant 238812.10 - 238902.30 Lead Pilot
Marine Test facilities
STO 1LT Green.jpg 1st Lieutenant 238902.30 - 239001.23 Marine Test facilities Test Pilot
STO MCapt Green.jpg Marine Captain 239001.23 - 239112.15
STO Major Green.jpg Major 239112.15 - 239112.27 Lead Test Pilot
USS Darwin-A
STO Major Green.jpg Lt Commander 239112.27 - 239103.02 Horizon-icon.gif
USS Darwin-A
Chief Security & Tactical
Marine Headquarters
STO Major Green.jpg Major 239103.02 - 239107.30 Marine Headquarters Recruitment Department
USS Gemini
STO Major Green.jpg Major 239107.30 - Present Dakota-icon1.gif
USS Gemini
Marine Security
USS Constitution-B
STO Major Green.jpg Major 239109.10 - 239211.12 Sb118 constitution.jpg
USS Constitution-B
CAG (Commander - Air Group)
USS Bronwyn Assigned to Duronis II Embassy
STO Major Green.jpg Major 239211.12 - 239212.06 Shi'Kar Class.jpg
USS Bronwyn Assigned to Duronis II Embassy
First Officer
Duronis II Embassy
STO Major Green.jpg Major 239212.06 - 239304.07 NuEmbassynav.jpg
Duronis II Embassy
First Officer
STO Blank Silver.jpg Civilian Advisor 239304.07 - 239706.23 Paris-Earth.jpg
Earth Private Security & Starfleet Region Advisor
USS Atlantis
STO Blank Silver.jpg Ensign 239706.23 - Present Intrepid02.jpg
USS Atlantis
Secuity Officer


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??? Missions:
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Lieutenant Commander Elina Kincade is a 39-year-old Nurse aboard the USS Astraeus. She previously served as an engineer, nurse and operations officer respectively aboard the starships Eagle and Challenger-A. She served as Chief Nursing Officer aboard the Duronis II Embassy prior to taking an indefinite sabbatical from Starfleet due to health concerns.

Elina was born in Inverness, Scotland on stardate 235812.17 to Ross and Marie Kincade. She is the middle child of three. Most of her childhood years were spent chasing her brothers and several other town boys around the lochs of Scotland. She refused her father’s attempts to match her with a husband. At age 14, her mother began training her in the duties of a laird’s wife. She learned crafts such as washing, sewing, and the running of a household. Her mother also educated her in the areas of literature, mathematics, theater, languages (French and Italian), and history. Outside of her normal education, she and her brother Ross would sneak off to a secluded keep in the woods and he would teach her how to fix replicators and other machines important to the supply of their lands. It was at this time that Elina realized her mechanical ability and her interest in fixing things.

At age 16, Elina began studying to pass the Academy entrance exam. It wasn’t until age 17 that she expressed her desire to study engineering at the Academy to her parents. Her father was disappointed, but supported his daughter’s decision. On stardate 237606.17, Elina took the exam and passed. She was admitted to the Academy on stardate 237608.15 as an engineering cadet.

After graduating and completing her cadet cruise, Elina decided to take a post as an Engineer aboard an Earth Cargo freighter, the Valdise, while she waited for her posting to an active Starfleet vessel. What was intended to be a temporary assignment turned into something more permanent. She served aboard the Valdise for four years, one of those years as a nurse when several of their nurses left for more prestigious opportunities. However, Elina missed Starfleet. She returned to active service and was assigned as an Engineering Officer aboard the USS Eagle.

FULL DETAILS: See Biography


Full Name Elina Rose Kincade
Nicknames Lina
Species Human
T/E Rating T0/E0
Date of Birth 2365812.17
Age 39
Place of Birth Inverness, Scotland, Earth
Gender Female
Marital Status Married to Rebecca Hollendale
Children Thiri Tel-ar, Aleine Tel-ar, Tarrah Tel-ar
Current Assignment None
Current Posting None


Height 5'5
Weight 125 lbs
Build Athletic
Hair Color/Length Shoulder-length dark auburn
Eye Color Blue


Elina is action-oriented and strives to make the most of every moment and every opportunity. She often struggles to sit still and is always looking for new ideas and never shies away from a good adventure. Those who know her consider her to be a jack-of-all-trades. She's constantly reinventing herself. She regularly changes her hair and wardrobe. Her optimistic nature means she tends to look on the bright side and see the good in every situation. She's flexible and is good at adapting to new situations and challenges. Though she is able to present herself depending on the people she's around, she never consciously misrepresents herself to others.

She is open and adaptable but tends to avoid anything that she perceives as tying her down or that will curb her freedom to be spontaneous. She is reluctant to take on long-term commitments and prefers to go where there are a wide array of options. She likes to keep busy and is happiest when her schedule is full of activities and tasks. She doesn’t really like having downtime as she sees that time as wasted. While she is flexible and spontaneous, she can’t stand hold-ups that keep her waiting such as delayed flights or unexpectedly long queues. This can test her typically easy-going and flexible nature, igniting her hot temper.


She's very frank and open-minded. When she has something to say, she says it. This comes from her need to make things happen in her life rather than waiting for them to happen to her. As a result of her desire for freedom, she is humorous and optimistic. She's very generous with her time and her possessions. When her friends are down, she uses her lively nature to cheer them up and to push them to become the best versions of themselves. Those she's close to appreciate her blunt honesty and high energy.

Her wisdom and philosophical approach to life can surprise those who don't know her well. She's motivated by a desire for justice and has a strong sense of right and wrong. These things combined with her strong desire to help others is an asset and make her talented at handling emergencies and getting her friends out of tight spots. Her adaptability allows her to think outside of the box and come up with unique solutions to difficult problems.


Her driven, want-it-now nature can help her in achieving her goals. However, she can become so laser-focused on a set path that she becomes careless. She tends to take things for granted and can at times take unnecessary risks. This can lead to more problems if she doesn't catch it in time. She is impatient and doesn't always take a practical approach to solve problems. She has to force herself to slow down and analyze the situation more thoughtfully. As a young officer, she was very headstrong and her over-confidence meant she struggled with listening to the advice or suggestions of others. Though she has become better about this over the years, she still fights against her old patterns. If she isn't careful to control them, her emotions can be extreme and can offend others. When she was younger, she was also a great deal more irresponsible and her lack of planning would get her into difficult situations. With age has come wisdom and though she is still lively and easily excited, she's much better able to restrain herself.

FULL DETAILS: Personality Profile

Career History

Starfleet Academy Engineering 237508.01 — 237907.31
Starfleet Academy Cadet
Major: EngineeringMinor: Nursing
Academy Transcript


SUPPLEMENTAL DATA FILE: Psychological Report

Publications and Research



  • Federation Standard
  • French (Terran Language)
  • Italian (Terran Language)
  • Gaelic (Terran Language)


  • Russian (Terran Language)


Lieutenant Commander Elina Kincade
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon








  • Father: Albrek Navir Desan, 60, Doctor
  • Mother: Shegh Loxir, (Deceased -- Died in childbirth)


  • Half-Brother: Jorha Navir Desan, 34, Doctor
  • Adopted Sister: Zavra Kira Desan, 30, Architect


  • None


  • None




Section Under Construction

  • Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry
  • Bachelors of Science in Medical Laboratory Science
  • Masters of Science in Applied Biochemistry


Section Under Construction

Academy Transcript and Degrees


Section Under Construction

2387 - 2391
Starfleet Academy Cadet
Majors: Xenology, Nursing
Academy Transcript

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Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons medicalscience 2013.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon
Medical Science Ribbon
Lifesaving Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Diplomacy Ribbon
Captain's Commendation

Journs LtCmdr.png

USS Chin'toka-logo.png


Early Life

Ishkabela As A Young Child

Ishkabela Nesha Journs was born the youngest child of three in the Sez Toural province on Leya I to mother Levira Daeli and father Dezan Journs and was raised in a Haemachuo group with three others. She was different from others her age in that she was introverted and didn't socialize as openly with other children. Her ability to hear the other children's thoughts made her uncomfortable, so she tended to avoid them. When she was six, her Haemachuo carer expressed concern and began to provide extra guidance with regard to proper play and the expectations of an Al-Leyan child.

It was at this time that she tried to open up about her telepathic abilities, but the subtle hints that she dropped only caused the adults around her to become more concerned. She didn't bring it up again for fear that she would become more of an outcast than she already was. Instead, she worked hard to gain control of her abilities, not wanting anyone to know the true depth of her struggles. She'd seen adults sent to Therapy for less and she didn't want that to happen to her.

As her control of her abilities grew, Ishka found that she enjoyed spending time with and looking after younger children more than the children her own age. When disputes arose between young children in her care, she used her telepathy to her advantage to encourage them to openly communicate their feelings while remaining as much on the outside of the situation as possible.

Ishkabela Is Placed In Her Branch

At age ten, Ishkabela was selected for the Medical prote. This disappointed her at first because she'd always imagined herself working with children. It was only after a deeper study that she realized she could still interact with and care for children, just in a different capacity. This brought her a semblance of comfort. She later learned from her Haemachuo carer that those who chose that profession were not allowed to have children of their own. This surprised Ishka and she was grateful that she hadn't been selected for a career as a carer. She had a desire for children of her own someday.

Ishkabela Pursues Her Branch

Upon assignment to her branch, Ishka began studying at the Sez Toural Akademio de Medicina with the goal of becoming a doctor. She became fascinated with the meticulous attention to detail required of surgeons and elected to pursue this as her specialty.

After eight years of intense study, her pursuit of the proper education was interrupted when her favorite uncle was exiled from Leya-I for not conforming. A few months later, he entered his Season and was unable to find a mate. His death hit Ishka hard and she began to question some of the fundamental truths of Al-Leyan culture.

Remembering how the adults around her had reacted when she'd hinted at her telepathic abilities as a child, she feared the social stigma that she'd be subjected to if she spoke aloud and that she would be sent for Attitude Readjustment Therapy. Having seen what this had done to her uncle, she chose to leave Leya-I to continue her studies at Starfleet Medical Academy.

Notable Relationships
  • Ragis Journs (Paternal uncle): When she was at last allowed to meet her biological family, she and Ragis had an instant connection. He was the opposite of her father, warm and open with an infectious laugh that never failed to make Ishka smile. For the first time in her life, she felt someone saw her as she was and accepted that with no conditions.
  • Zavan Erusha (Haemachuo brother): Of those her age, she connected the most with Zavan. She felt more free to be herself around him than anyone. However, she didn't feel comfortable revealing to him that she had telepathic abilities. This was the one secret that they had between them. Thankfully, he never caught on and the two enjoyed a somewhat easy friendship.

Starfleet Academy

Year One

Years Two and Three

Year Four, Cadet Cruise, and Graduation

Supplemental Data File: Education

Notable Relationships


USS Braveheart

Embassy at Duronis II

Leave of Absence

USS Atlantis

Supplemental Data File:
Supplemental Data File:

Notable Relationships

Dassa Alexander-Dalton
Early Life
Starfleet Academy
About the Writer

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Lieutenant Commander Dassa Alexander-Dalton
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Awards ServiceRibbons War of Shadows 2016.png
Orion Syndicate Service Medal.png
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons WarWithBorg 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
War of Shadows Ribbon
Orion Syndicate Service Medal
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Silver Star
Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon
Purple Heart
Good Conduct Ribbon

USS Veritas-logo.png



Early Life

Dassa As A Young Child

Dassa was born to parents Christian

Dassa in Middle School

Dassa in High School

Dassa As A Young Adult

Supplemental Data File: Academy Post-Secondary Education Records

Notable Relationships

Starfleet Academy

Year One

Years Two and Three

Year Four, Cadet Cruise, and Graduation

Supplemental Data File: Education

Notable Relationships


USS Braveheart

USS Gorkon


USS Veritas

Leave of Absence

USS Astraeus

Return to the USS Veritas

Supplemental Data File:
Supplemental Data File:

Notable Relationships

Dassa Alexander-Dalton
Early Life
Starfleet Academy
About the Writer

USS Voyager
Harry Kim
Position Operations Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 234901.01
Age 49
Birthplace South Carolina, Earth
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