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Early Life

Ishkabela As A Young Child

Ishkabela Nesha Journs was born the youngest child of three in the Sez Toural province on Leya I to mother Levira Daeli and father Dezan Journs and was raised in a Haemachuo group with three others. She was different from others her age in that she was introverted and didn't socialize as openly with other children. Her ability to hear the other children's thoughts made her uncomfortable, so she tended to avoid them. When she was six, her Haemachuo carer expressed concern and began to provide extra guidance with regard to proper play and the expectations of an Al-Leyan child.

It was at this time that she tried to open up about her telepathic abilities, but the subtle hints that she dropped only caused the adults around her to become more concerned. She didn't bring it up again for fear that she would become more of an outcast than she already was. Instead, she worked hard to gain control of her abilities, not wanting anyone to know the true depth of her struggles. She'd seen adults sent to Therapy for less and she didn't want that to happen to her.

As her control of her abilities grew, Ishka found that she enjoyed spending time with and looking after younger children more than the children her own age. When disputes arose between young children in her care, she used her telepathy to her advantage to encourage them to openly communicate their feelings while remaining as much on the outside of the situation as possible.

Ishkabela Is Placed In Her Branch

At age ten, Ishkabela was selected for the Medical prote. This disappointed her at first because she'd always imagined herself working with children. It was only after a deeper study that she realized she could still interact with and care for children, just in a different capacity. This brought her a semblance of comfort. She later learned from her Haemachuo carer that those who chose that profession were not allowed to have children of their own. This surprised Ishka and she was grateful that she hadn't been selected for a career as a carer. She had a desire for children of her own someday.

Ishkabela Pursues Her Branch

Upon assignment to her branch, Ishka began studying at the Sez Toural Akademio de Medicina with the goal of becoming a doctor. She became fascinated with the meticulous attention to detail required of surgeons and elected to pursue this as her specialty.

After eight years of intense study, her pursuit of the proper education was interrupted when her favorite uncle was exiled from Leya-I for not conforming. A few months later, he entered his Season and was unable to find a mate. His death hit Ishka hard and she began to question some of the fundamental truths of Al-Leyan culture.

Remembering how the adults around her had reacted when she'd hinted at her telepathic abilities as a child, she feared the social stigma that she'd be subjected to if she spoke aloud and that she would be sent for Attitude Readjustment Therapy. Having seen what this had done to her uncle, she chose to leave Leya-I to continue her studies at Starfleet Medical Academy.

Notable Relationships
  • Ragis Journs (Paternal uncle): When she was at last allowed to meet her biological family, she and Ragis had an instant connection. He was the opposite of her father, warm and open with an infectious laugh that never failed to make Ishka smile. For the first time in her life, she felt someone saw her as she was and accepted that with no conditions.
  • Zavan Erusha (Haemachuo brother): Of those her age, she connected the most with Zavan. She felt more free to be herself around him than anyone. However, she didn't feel comfortable revealing to him that she had telepathic abilities. This was the one secret that they had between them. Thankfully, he never caught on and the two enjoyed a somewhat easy friendship.
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