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About me

  • Name: Mark Devlin
  • Location: London, England
  • Writer ID:V239107TZ0
  • Favorite Trek series/movie: DS9

RL info

  • Hobbies/Interests: Penguins, Cats, Star Trek, Science Fiction, reading, listening to audiobooks, Gracie/Brazilan Jiu-Jitsu

SB118 History

I first joined SB118 back in 2004 while I was in college, I stumbled across the site while looking for anything Trek related. It was my first time writing anything creative and I wasn't familiar with role-playing, I probably did as bad as it's possible while still passing the academy course. My first character was Michael Soul on the USS Paladin, I eventually reached a competent level with my simming skills and gained the rank of Lieutenant Commander while serving on the USS Atlantis but the group was eventually disbanded and I left SB118 soon after. In RL I had just started university and couldn't commit the time I wanted to simming and studying.

I rejoined SB118 in 2014 and was delighted to be simming again, during this run is when my writer ID was assigned to me. I simmed for almost two years on the Victory and then the Darwin with Michael Jellico and Talisa zh'Eriss until I had to leave again. In RL I was getting married and facing redundancy, while in the SB118 world I was struggling to keep up with sims and burning out. I took a leave of absence from the Darwin for serval months, when I tried to re-join I was assigned to the Gorkon but I had returned too soon and resigned after only simming once or twice.

In May 2017, with my RL quite again, I rejoined and was again assigned to the Gorkon with the character of Sera zh'Aella and this time I was able to put in a much better representation of myself.

Player Characters

Lt. Sera zh'Aella 239406.06 to present

239210.30 extended leave and later resignation due to RL

Ensign Michael Jellico from 239202.23 - 239210.30 - This Character started as an enlisted PNCP.

Lt. JG Talisa Zh'Eriss from 239107.08 - 239202.23

238302 Left SB118 due to RL.

Lt. Cmdr Michael Soul from 238106.21 - 238302 (end date estimated)


Warrant Officer Leigh McMann - KIA (Intentional and planned since creating the character.)

Petty Officer 3rd Class George Tanner

Ships served on

USS Gorkon - Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds as CO

USS Darwin - Captain Renos as CO

USS Victory - Captain Nugra as CO

USS Atlantis - Commander Varaan as CO

USS Paladin - Captain Rachel Daninburg as CO


My wiki testing page