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Warrant Officer Leigh McMann was serving aboard the USS Gorkon as the ship's Boatswain when she was Killed in Action during the investigation of Starbase 173.

Leigh McMann
Warrant Officer
USS Gorkon
Starfleet Officer
Died Protecting a Child
234905.11 239501.17
Tarsus IV Colony
Aged 45
Species Human
Gender Female
In Memoriam

Personal Profile


  • Height: 5.7 / 173cm
  • Weight: 147lbs
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Handed: Right
  • Homeworld: Tarsus IV


  • Mother: Alison McMann
  • Father: Winston McMann
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Son: Varek, Human/Vulcan son
  • Varek's Father: Sakorn, Civilian Research Analyst


  • Socially: She has a wry sense of humor and a matter-of-fact attitude.
  • Professionalism: Extremely competent and experienced veteran. She constantly presses the enlisted under her to maintain their discipline while on duty and highly Values respect.
  • Religion: 'Creed of the Test.' The main concept of the religion is there is a higher power which will constantly test everyone, making them face challenges of all kinds to find out their true worth.
  • Ambition: Not motivated by ambition but would like to reach a command level position within the Warrant ranks, she has no desire to gain a commission. Previously Leigh was aiming for a command level NCO position before her surprise promotion to WO1.


A native of the Tarsus IV Colony, Leigh was raised on her family's farm. During her formative years, she was surrounded by a loving family and extended community however it was always explained to her how fortunate she was. She was raised on the stories of the great famine and Tarsus IV Massacre. Her family was deeply religious and brought her up with the church heavily in her life. Even now she leans on her faith during difficult times, however, Leigh does not seek to proselytize.

Career Overview

Leigh enlisted into Starfleet during her early twenties and was motived to join by the increased tensions surrounding the Bajorian sector. Her youthful idealism perceived a deeply religious people under threat by bullies and joined out of a personal moral obligation.

It was not long after her enlistment that the Dominion War started, which she through as first-class torpedo specialist aboard the Nebula-Class USS Lexington. During the war she earned a respectable but unremarkable combat record for someone in her position. Despite being offered an honorable discharge after the end of hostilities, Leigh re-enlisted wanting to make Starfleet service her career and retained as a small craft engineering.

Shortly after her promotion to Petty officer 3rd Class. Leigh fell pregnant with the child of a Vulcan civilian Research Analyst. The pregnancy was a surprise to all involved, especially the Vulcan Sakorn who had been experiencing Pon farr at the time of conception and had no plans for an offspring at that time. Despite this, once Leigh signaled her intention to keep the child Sakorn presented a compelling argument for the child to be raised on Vulcan away from the dangers ever present on a Starfleet vessel. Leigh gave give to her son, Varek in 2376. He has been raised as planned on Vulcan but sees his mother often during shore leave. Leigh maintains an amicable friendship with the father, Sakorn.

Leigh continued to rise through the enlisted ranks often in an engineering position until she reached the rating of Chief Petty Officer. As a Chief Leigh has taken a verity of leadership roles in the shuttle bay and damage control central, she also completed a secondment in a marine engineering platoon. With the ambition of gaining the rating of Command Master Chief before retirement, Leigh completed many command courses and accepted a rotation at Starfleet Academy as an assistant engineering instructor believing this to bolster her chances of achieving the top enlisted position aboard a Federation vessel. Unfortunately for her plans she was promoted to Warrant Officer, much to her dismay, after completing her assignment at Starfleet Academy.

With time to contemplate her promoted to Warrant Officer, Leigh accepted the change and even enjoyed the challenge that has come from her role as Ship's Boatswain aboard the USS Gorkon.

Leigh McMann was Killed in Action during the investigation of Starbase 173. She was mortally wounded after leading a Bajorian child through a dimensional fissure, stabbed through the chest by a member of the Orion Syndicate. Leigh was able to eliminate the threat before subccuming to her wounds.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-scpo gold.png
Senior Chief Petty Officer 239210.02 - 239407.05 StarFleet Academy Engineering Instructor
DS9style-wo gold.png
Warrant Officer 239407.05 - 239501.17 USS Gorkon Boatswain

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