Rachel Daninburg

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Rachel Daninburg


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Former Commanding Officer
  • Ship: USS
  • Rank: Captain
  • Race: Terran
  • Spouse Kenneth Connors

  • DoB: June 23, 2348
  • Weight: 5'5
  • Height: 135
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown

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  • Current Rank: Captain
  • Duty Post: Retired Commanding Officer
  • Current Vessel: Retired
    • Date Assigned: March, 2002
  • Species: Terran
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: June 23, 2348
  • Place of Birth: Middle East Confederation, Earth, Tel-Aviv


  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Height: 5'5
  • Weight: 140

Fair skin, fine-boned fingers, small waist, but powerfully developed legs and arms, like a gymnast, not like a body-builder. Mediterranean nose, long neck. Prone to smiles, has dimples.

Family History


  • Mother: Theresa Daninburg, 64, Nurse, Miv-Tosha General Hospital, Tel-Aviv, Earth
  • Father: Major-General Mark Daninburg, SFMC, KIA, Halkon Core Ground Incursion, 2355
  • Siblings: Benjamin Daninburg, 40, Performing Artist, New Canada, Sector 004

Marital Status

  • Spouse: Kenneth Connors, Barrister, Tel-Aviv, Earth
  • Children: Colleen Connors-Daninburg, 2, Tel-Aviv, Earth

Introspective and intelligent, father KIA when subject aged 8. Emotional difficulties with male relationships since. Joined marines against mother's objection.

Personal History

Rachel Daninburg and her brother were raised in the Middle East States League, Earth, by thier mother, Mary Ellen, a strong-willed woman who found herself widowed when Ben was only 2 and Rachel still in her womb. Mark Daninburg was a Starfleet Marine. He died in a ground assault during the Cardassian war. For that reason, Mary Ellen was completely opposed to her children following thier father. Mary Ellen was a reformed Jewish woman. She loved her husband, for whom she had converted, and raised her children as best she could in that faith.

She was encouraged when Ben showed both a prodigal talent for sculpture and a distaste for violence; but from birth, little Rachel was her father in fairer form. A talented athlete and nearly fearless explorer, Rachel had all the rough male friends in the Middle-East States League that her brother did not. Not that she was a tomboy; in a slight nod to her mother's wish for more "typical" behavior, she went boy crazy as soon as she discovered that boys could be good for something other than playmates and from that point on seemed a study in contrasts.

She was of course as preoccupied with her looks and dating as any of her female friends, but still seemed to love physical contact sports and military history as much as she did the pursuits her traditional minded mother wished for her.

When Rachel stated her intention to join the Marines, her mother was, to say the least, not pleased. For Rachel's first tour, mother and daughter did not speak; in the end, Ben mediated the dispute. Now, although her mother worries herself sick, and still does not approve, she can't help but be proud of her daughter.

  • 2377 - Marriage, Kenneth Connors.
  • 2378 - Sabatical complete; birth, Genevieve Connors-Daninburg.

Professional History

Having enrolled at 18, she completed her four years in the infantry. Showing talent for tactical and strategic planning, she was trained as a specialist in assault and force-recon, attaining the rank of master sergeant by the end of her tour; she then transferred her tour as credits to the academy and graduated with special training in several areas (see below).

Although her father died in the Cardassian conflict, Rachel made herself not hate them. Rachel actually has a very enlightened view which she tries to maintain, knowing, eventually, that the Federation might well make of the Cardassians the same allies they did of the Klingons. Her father died in a war. Wars happen. They are meant to be fought, all out, and concluded, as quickly as possible.

Rachel enjoys spicy foods and furry animals and kids, for which she has admitted weak spots. She is prone to sarcastic humor, ribald and off color jokes (learned from the best, the Marines) and trains religiously.

Starfleet Marine Corps

  • 2366, Private (New Lejune, Mars) Assigned, 53rd Force Recon.
  • 2367 - Corporal.
  • 2368 - Sergeant, Assigned, SID (Starfleet Intelligence Directorate).
  • 2370 - Sergeant Major, Assigned Command, 53rd Force Recon.
  • 2371 - Transfer to Interservice Officer Training Program.

-- Marine Cross. -- Specialist Training: Xeno-tactics, Starship tactics, Ground assault school, Heavy weapons, special ordinance, computers. -- Discharge Rank: Master Sergeant.

Starfleet Academy

  • 2371-2375 - Cadet.
  • 2375 - Graduate, Ensign


  • 2375 - Assigned USS Caledonia
  • 2376 - Ltjg; Lt; Lt.Cmdr; Sabatical; Adjunct faculty, Starfleet Academy.
  • 2377 - Re-activated for AB45 Incident; Command, 86th Mobile Cavalry;


  • 2379 - Commission reactivated, Assigned, USS Freedom-A, Special Operative, SID

(Starfleet Intelligence Directorate).

  • 2379 - Assigned USS Paladin, Commanding Officer; Captain

Character Data

Rank Upgrades

  • Ensign: 2375
  • Lieutenant JG: 2376
  • Lieutenant: 2376
  • Lt. Commander: 2376
  • Commander: 2377
  • Captain: 237907.23