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Centered in the forward section of the Observation Deck the Clanhouse is modeled after a traditional meeting area of the Tlingit people. The deck, metal and carpeting throughout the rest of the ship, has been replaced with medium stained native woods, as have many of wall sections. Decorating the room are several pieces of art collected from around the area the ship is named after.

The centerpiece of the cabin is a large mural and bar area central to a seating area with removable tables and chairs where officers can sit, drink, play games, or entertain large and small groups.

Around the exterior of the room, with the exception of just behind the bar area, windows run from floor to ceiling carrying the design of the rest of the Observation Deck throughout the room.

A small section of the Clanhouse is dedicated to previous vessels named 'Juneau', with pictures and models of their history.

The Clanhouse is staffed all but the earliest of hours morning by the Juneau services division.

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