Juneau Technical Overview

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  • Class: Juneau
  • Registration: NX-99801
  • Role: Explorer
  • Constructed: Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Mars
  • Commissioned: 2396

Crew Complement

  • Officers: 100
  • Enlisted Crew: 500
  • Total: 700
  • Civilians: 100
  • Maximum Evacuation Capacity: 4,000


  • Height: 71m
  • Width: 237m
  • Length: 699m
  • Mass: 3,015,000 metric tons
  • Decks: 26

Computer Systems

  • Operating System: LCARS
  • Hardware: Two M-20 Bio-Neural Gelpack Isolinear II Processor Cores

Propulsion Systems

  • Warp Engines: OR-400 Series Mark V Warp Drive consisting of one 4,000+ Cochrane warp core feeding two LF-74 Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units
  • Impulse Engines: Two FIG-5 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Unit
  • Standard Cruising Speed: 12
  • Maximum Sustainable Cruising Speed: 14
  • Maximum Warp Speed: 15 for 12 hours

Tactical Systems

  • Phasers: Sixteen Type-XII collimated phaser arrays
  • Torpedoes:
    • 1 Rapid-fire quantum torpedo tube
    • 4 Type 4 burst fire photon torpedo tubes
  • Standard Payload:
    • 100 Quantum Torpedoes
    • 250 Photon Torpedoes
  • Deflector Shields: 10 symmetrical, multi-phasic reflective deflectors with analytical feedback systems
  • Tractor Beams: One tractor beam emitter, ventral saucer section.
  • Skin Sensors: Six synchronized senor pods placed among the underside of the ship. The pods are paired into core Bridge station systems as well as the ship's main sensor array to allow for full range of sight/system lock.

Transporter Systems

  • Personnel: 6 transporter rooms with a 6 man capacity per transport
  • Cargo: 8 cargo transporters with a 500t capacity per transport

Crew Support Systems

  • Medical: Two sickbays. Primary sickbay in saucer section, consisting of six standard and one advanced biobed, one Mark IV Emergency Medical Hologram, Chief Medical Officer's office and pathology laboratory. Secondary sickbay in engineering section consisting of three standard biobeds and one advanced biobed. Additional medical facilities include an intensive-care unit (ICU), surgical suite, biohazard support, critical care, morgue and a counselling suite.


  • Expected Duration: 75 Years
  • Minor Refit Cycle: 10 Years
  • Major Refit Cycle: 25 Years