Juneau Deck Layout

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Here's what we know so far.

Deck Facilities Images
Deck 1
  • Main Bridge
  • Captain’s Ready Room
Sovereign-class Bridge.png
Main Bridge
Sovereign Ready Room.jpg
Ready Room
Deck 3
  • Main Transporter Room
Deck 4
  • Mess Hall
Deck 7
  • Sick Bay
Deck 9
  • Location of Hull Breach (repaired)
Deck 10
  • Mostly unfinished
  • Designated the 'Observation Deck' the outer wall has been designed to be a series of floor to ceiling windows seperated by only 10 centimeter wide pillars, providing the crew with a mostly unobstructed view of space.
Deck 12
  • Astrometrics (unfinished)
Deck 15
  • Main Engineering - Deck 15, Section 1 - Large, Sovereign-style engineering bay with a primary deck leading to the centrally placed multi-story warp core. Additional work-spaces with consoles above and below the core, available by mid-deck lifts and ladders. Multiple points of jefferies tube access.
  • The Brew Continuum - Deck 15, Section 4 - Previously unused and re-purposed lab space, converted into a small crew coffee shop & gathering spot.
USS Juneau Coffee Mug
Deck 18
  • Computer Core Access
Deck 20
  • Environmental Support - A hub controlling various life support systems including, but not limited to, the concentration of gases in the ship's internal air supply, temperature, humidity, gravity and lighting.
Deck 22
  • Nacelle Control Room (Port)
  • Nacelle Control Room (Starboard)