USS Columbia Pre-2395 Mission Archive

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These are the voyages of the Starship Columbia, a list of her adventurers for all to read and marvel.

Launching under Captain Mal Avatar

Captain Mal Avatar was the first commanding officer of the USS Columbia. Commissioning under him, the starship was instrumental in many situations in the early 2380s.

Under the Command of Benjamin Livingston

Since Captain Avatar retired from command of the Columbia, it remained as a close support vessel for Starbase 118. It was not until Captain Benjamin Livingston took command that the nebula class starship began it's mission of exploration again.

Brek Assumes Command

When Captain Livingston suffered acute radiation poisoning, Commander Brek was chosen by Starfleet Command to assume command of the vessel. Under his guidance, the Columbia's mission to explore will continue to be carried out to its fullest.

Season 1

Launching of the Columbia
  • Episode 0: Stardate 238103.25 -238103.31
    • The Columbia launches on her first mission!
The Hironian Expanse
  • Episode 1: Stardate 238103.31 - 238106.30
    • Suspicious incidents are encountered in the Expanse.
Cardassian Supply Ships
  • Episode 2: Stardate 238106.30-238109.28
    • Harassed, The Columbia moves to protect Cardassian interests.
AvronisV 1.jpg
First Contact with Valoria
  • Episode 3: Stardate 238109.28-238112.04
    • First contact is made on the planet Valoria
The Orion Syndicate
  • Episode 4: Stardate 238112.04-238203.16
    • A Scientists goes missing. Are the Orions resposible?
Kaleb IV
  • Episode 5: Stardate 238203.16-238205.16
    • Columbia discovers a lost civilization.
Battle the Kentic
  • Episode 6: Stardate 238205.24-238209.13
    • The Columbia, with the Victory, face a race of mind controllers.
The Delorean Encounter
  • Episode 7: Stardate 238209.18-238302.14
    • A new planet wishes to join the Federation.
Nebula class.jpg
Stranded on Ambrosia
  • Episode 8: Stardate 238302.14-238306.20
    • A wormhole experiment goes awry.

Season 2

Things We May Find
  • Episode 9: Stardate 239107.17-239109.10
    • Romulans and a Strange Gateway beckon to the crew.
Settle for Less
  • Episode 10: Stardate 239109.22-239112.24
    • Colony faces imminent danger with supplies being tainted.
Nebula class 002.jpg
Between the Rock and a Hard Place
  • Episode 11: Stardate 239202.10 - 239204.24
    • There is more to Prometheus than First believed!
Paved with Good Intentions
  • Episode 12: Stardate 239205.08-239207.21
    • Returning to Avronis leads to dangerous encounter.
Skalur expanse image.jpg
Force of Nature
  • Episode 13: Stardate 239208.05-239209.20
    • Sent to the Skalur Expanse, the Planet seems more than once believed.
Nightmare cover.jpg
  • Episode 14: Stardate 239210.06 - 239211.15
    • A Romulan Republic Mining colony has gone silent. What has happened to them?