Kaleb IV (Columbia)

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Columbia Heads to Kaleb IV to Explore Lost Civilization Stardates: 238203.16-238205.16

The Columbia is currently en route to a planet named Kaleb IV which is in unclaimed space near the Romulan border. Kaleb IV is barely Class-M and is predominantly a desert environment with limited water and spare vegetation. As far as we know there is no animal lifeforms on the planet and until recently we believed that to have been the case historically.

That was until the Argus XI probe accidentally detected what appears to be the remains of a lost civilization that may have existed predominantly underground. Closer examination reveals the possibility that the world could have supported life underground. Our experts believe that life was likely intelligent. Our mission is to head to Kaleb IV and determine if that is the case.

Once in orbit of the planet, Columbia will attempt to enter into the underground caverns to determine if this is indeed the case. Commander Franks will lead the away team once determined that the underground caverns can support life.

One other concern that Starfleet does have. Kaleb IV's surface is made up of a material that makes beaming nearly impossible from orbit. Columbia will have to outfit a shuttlecraft to land on the surface of this planet and to use her phasers to penetrate the ground. Lieutenant Alexander and Lieutenant Lupos will be assigned the task of outfitting the shuttlecraft to do so. Shuttlecraft 2, the "William McCool" will be used for this task.

Lastly, the nearby system of Endovan has one class-M planet and there is primitive civilization located there. The system is only a light year away from the Kaleb system and Starfleet scientists have theorized that if there was an ancient Kaleb civilization, it may have made contact with the Endovans or they could be descendants. Ensign Gear and Captain Avatar after examining this further, found an ancient Endovan myth. In this myth, the Endovans killed off their gods using witchcraft. The spell caused the gods to go mad and eventually kill themselves off. It has been suggsted that the ancient Kalebs may have been the Endovan gods. Recently a warp signature was detected near the Endovan system. Lt. J.G. Zubowskivich and Ensign Gear are going to take shuttlecraft 1, the "Rick Husband" to investigate.

The Columbia has just completed her investigation of Kaleb IV. The planet housed a long dead civilization that was annihilated by a mind controlling toxin that was introduced by a neighboring world. The inhabitants of Kaleb IV expected the humanoids on Endovia to treat them as gods. That was until the Endovians concocted a plan to wipe out all of Kaleb IV.

The Columbia away team lead by Lieutenant Commander Franks was inadvertently infected by the very same toxin. All but Doctor Kahler were driven mad by the virus. Lieutenants Alexander and T'Lea attempted to attack the Columbia with a shuttlecraft as a result of the madness. Fortunately the Columbia medical staff was able to correct the effects once the away team was subdued.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Zubowskivich and Ensign Gear launched a mission of their own. The original intent of the mission was to extract data from a buoy near Endovia. However, as they were in the midst of the data extraction, their shuttlecraft was boarded by a group of space pirates and they were taken prisoner. Tash and Gear were able to overpower their attackers only to find themselves under Romulan attack.

The Romulans had a Tal Shiar agent on board who was interested in acquiring the Endovian virus from the pirates. However, his plot was foiled by the Romulan commander who had been looking for just such a slip up to take out the Tal Shiar agent. The Romulans took control of the pirate ship and returned Tash and Gear to the Columbia.