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The USS Batavia is a short-range medium hoverpub commissioned in 2398 and the lead (and only) hoverpub of her class[1].

Batavia launched under the command of Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix in 2398. The Batavia was developed by Lieutenant JG Scotty Reade and Commander Geoffrey Teller in main engineering of the USS Thor, as a birthday present for Lieutenant Commander Ukinix[2]. Its first 30-minute tour of duty was around the Ground and Mezzanine levels of the Grand Mezzanine of Amity Outpost.

The design was based on a standard class three anti-grav cargo sled. The hoverpub's frame is shaped like the Starfleet Delta, complete with a bend at the bottom of the triangle. The frame and bar itself is polished to a shine, along with the beer taps installed at every seat on the hoverpub. Below the bar counter at foot level are mechanical pedals connected to a control input, providing very basic navigational control for those aboard. The bar is topped with umbrellas. It was designed for slow pleasure cruises around Amity Outpost.[2] In the middle of the Starfleet delta sits a stool with a helm console in front of it for driving and steering the vessel. The hoverpub has a sound system that is operated via an LCARS console and is complete with a small voice transmitting device. The console contains a "red alert" feature that allows the operator to sound a warning klaxon from a Constitution vessel, which bathes the umrellas in red.[1] Behind helm there is a small replicator primarily for replicating food. [3]


  • Name: USS Batavia
  • Registry: (TBD)
  • Class: Reade-Teller
  • Category: Short-Range Medium Hoverpub
  • Motto: (TBD)
  • Height: 3 meters
  • Width: 3 meters
  • Length: 6 meters
  • Number of Decks: 1


  • Complement: 7 (6 propulsion, 1 helm)
    • Officers: Varies
    • Enlisted: Varies
    • Civilians: Varies
  • Evacuation Capacity: As yet to be determined by a non-official university-style challenge.


  • Propulsion: Pedal power
  • Hovering Altitude: 10 centimetres
  • Quantum Slipstream Drive: No (but how funny would that be!)
  • Impulse Engines: Also no, but after a few too many drinks it might feel like you're at impulse
  • Speed: 9 kilometres per hour
    • Cruising: 9 kilometres per hour
    • Emergency: Depends on thirst of crew
    • Maximum: Will depend on the steepness of the stairs it is navigated down
  • Computer System: LCARS
  • Audio System: "fitted with a rather robust sound system ... to share your love of ancient terran geology music with a whole new quadrant"[4]
  • Hull Duration: 80 years
  • Keg Refill Cycle: Depends on thirst of crew, CO should be rightly disappointed if it's more than 4 hours


The ship was named after the 1628 Earth sea vessel Batavia, the first Dutch ship to be shipwrecked off the coast of Australia on Earth. The name was chosen by Wil Ukinix as it seemed "appropriate somehow".


The vessel was first commissioned by crushing an empty beer can against the front portion of the bar by Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix.

Maiden Voyage

The vessel's maiden voyage was around the Grand Mezzanine of Amity Outpost.

Log Entries

Lt. Commander
Wil Ukinix

Captain’s log, stardate seven-one-six-three-alpha-pear-yak-petaQ. Point seven.

These are the voyages of the starship Batavia. Its Five-Beer mission: to explore strange, new parts of Amity. To seek out new tasty craft beers. To boldly go where no hoverpub has gone before – ::gesturing with chin:: - down those stairs.


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