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The Security Department of the USS Tiger-A is responsible for ship and personnel security aboard the Tiger. In addition to their duty to protect the vessel and its crew, security personnel maintain and enforce Starfleet Security regulations, procedures and policies.


The main facilities for the security department are all located on deck 7 in the dorsal module. Additionally, a large weapons locker is located on deck 5 in the middle module, and larger gymnasiums are located on deck 4 in the dorsal module and deck 10 in the ventral module. Consult the full deck listing for neighboring departments and facilities.

Main Security

Main Security consist of a fully functional briefing room/command operations room with a viewscreen for stellar cartography arrays and overlays which include a large tactical display of the vessel. Separating the briefing/command ops room is a large pair of glass double doors inscribed with the Federation seal and the registry number of the Tiger. An outer office space serves as the chief of security's office with an extra desk up front for the assistant chief of security. In the corner of the office space is a weapons locker containing six phasers. Unlike the Independence-A and other earlier Prometheus class ships, Main Security aboard the Tiger also includes a small workout room equipped with antigrav punching and kicking bags and a mat for sparing.


The armory is located in a restricted area on deck 7 and is under constant guard. The room is sealed with multi-phasic shielding and can only be accessed by personnel with Beta One security clearance (usually the senior staff). For those needing access to the armory, the commanding officer reserves the privilege of permitting limited access to any unspecified section of the ship to any personnel whose functions, in the eyes of the CO, require it.

Inside the armory is a work area for maintenance and repair of weapons as well as multiple sealed weapon lockers. Additionally, there are 100 weapon lockers located around the ship, built into the bulkheads, that require a level 1 clearance code.

  • The Prometheus-class carries enough Type-I and Type-II phasers to arm the entire crew as well as enough Type-III phaser rifles and the new compression phaser rifles to arm approximately two-thirds of the crew.
  • Heavy ordinance is available in limited numbers and can only be used by those trained and authorized to use them:
    • EVA Phaser Rifle: 30
    • TR-116 Projectile Rifle: 5
    • Isomagnetic Disintegrator: 10


The Brig is a restricted access area whose only entrance is from within the Main Security. It is protected by reinforced walls and bulkheads as well as double reinforced door. The Prometheus-class vessel has 10 double occupancy cells and 5 single occupancy cells. The Prometheus-class vessel also has holo-emitters fitted all over the ship as part of the EMH program, and this includes the brig. The emitters can be used as a deterrent against large prisoners by adding extra holographic security personnel to the brig. If the Brig needs to be sealed, the EMH can still enter and treat the injured.

The double occupancy cells contain 2 beds, a retractable table and chairs, a water dispenser, and a toilet. The 10 double occupancy cells are secured with a level 10 forcefield emitter built into each doorway.

As the Prometheus-class is a long range tactical cruiser, the Tiger has been fitted with 5 single occupancy cells with multi-phasic shielding fitted into each doorway. This allows Borg to be safely contained therein if ever necessary. These cells contain a bed, a retractable table and chair, a water dispenser, and a toilet.

Drilling Range

The drilling range is heavily shielded, the walls being composed of a duranium alloy, which can absorb setting 16 phaser blasts. Normal phaser recreation and practice is used with a type II or type III phaser set to level 3 (heavy stun). The person stands in the middle of the room, with no light except for the circle in the middle of the floor that the person is standing in. Colored circular dots approximately the size of a human hand whirl across the walls, and the person aims and fires. After completing a round, the amounts of hits and misses, along with the percentage of accuracy is announced by the ship's computer.

The range is also used by security to train ship's personnel in marksmanship. During training, the holo-emitters in the phaser range are activated, creating a holographic setting, similar to how a holodeck operates. Personnel are then proceed independently or in an away team formation to explore the setting presented to them, and the security officer in charge will take notes on the performance of each person as they take cover, return fire, protect each other, and perform a variety of different scenarios. All personnel are tested every six months in phaser marksmanship.

There are 25 levels of phaser marksmanship. All personnel are trained in the operation of phaser types I and II up to level 14. All security personnel must maintain a level 17 marksmanship for all phaser types. The true marksman can maintain at least an 80% hit ratio on level 23.

Officer Roster

Officers (Partial Listing)
Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post Status
03-Lt-Gold.png Lieutenant Brayden Jorey Chief of Security PC
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant JG Chloe Mannin Assistant Chief of Security PC
Staff Officers
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign Z'Leah Security Officer PNPC (Riley)
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign Remy Dupuis Security Officer PNPC (Riley)
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign Franklin Hsu Security Officer NPC

Enlisted Roster

Enlisted (Partial Listing)
Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post Status
E2-Crew2nd-Gold.png Crewman (Second Class) Gene Ericksson Security Crewman NPC

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