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The Medical Department of the USS Tiger-A provides care for the ship's officers, crew, civilians, and visitors. The Department also conducts regular research and medical investigations as well as specific work for which the ship's current mission may call.

Whether they are taking care of the men and women who call the Tiger home or a guest from an alien world, the USS Tiger-A Medical Department is ready for the task.


A Prometheus-class vessel has extensive medical facilities for a starship of its size. Because the ship is actually made up of three sections that are capable of independent operation when in multi-vector assault mode (MVAM), the Tiger-A has three sickbays, one in each section. Two are located on Deck 7, and the third is located on Deck 10. Consult the full deck listing for neighboring departments and facilities.

Main Sickbay

The operating theater is located in the center of main sickbay. Note that the surrounding areas of sickbay are not illustrated.
  • Deck 7, Dorsal Module
  • Fully stocked and staffed at all times
    • Chief Medical Officer's Office
    • Staff Office
    • Operating Theater
    • Medical Labs
    • Counseling Suite

Main Sickbay is the largest of the three medical facilities on the Tiger-A. It is divided into several areas that surround a central surgical operating theater.

There are two entrances into Main Sickbay. One entrance opens to the main patient area in the front end of the facility where the majority of biobeds are found as well as the chief medical officer's office and a general office for staff use. The other entrance opens to the rear area of the facility, which holds additional biobeds. Access from one area of Main Sickbay to another is via a circular corridor that wraps around the operating theater.

Sickbay 2

  • Deck 7, Middle Module
    • Fully stocked but not staffed unless the ship is under alert conditions

Sickbay 3

  • Deck 10, Ventral Module
    • Fully stocked but not staffed unless the ship is under alert conditions

Counseling Suite

The counseling office is located on Deck 7 and has one a waiting room, and an office.

The Counseling Suite consists of subdued colors and plants to calm the mind. The Suite is also equipped two tables and a long sofa. It was also equipped with an essential psychologist's couch. Three view Ports are available for the Counselor and his/her clients. Two chairs are seated in front of the Counselor's desk. There is also a replicator behind the Counselor's desk.

  • Appointments are available by request, assignments, or walk-ins.
  • The Counseling suite is located on Deck 7.
  • Assistant counselor office in back
  • Waiting Room out front

Emergency Medical Hologram

As with all Prometheus-class vessels, the Tiger's extensive holographic systems allow the ship's emergency medical hologram (EMH) "Dr. Karaav" to operate throughout the ship. The medical staff often uses Karaav to handle patient overload.

Officer Roster


Insignia Rank Name Post
(or Specialty)
Department Head
01-Ens-Blue.png Ensign Mek Senkora Tal'korian-onn Medical Officer PC
02-LtJG-Blue.png Lieutenant JG William Wittburn Medical Officer PNPC
00-Blank-Blue.png EMH Karaav Emergency Medical Hologram NPC

Nursing Staff (Partial Listing)

Nursing Staff
Insignia Rank Name Post Status
Staff Nurses
01-Ens-Blue.png Ensign Kieran Waddell Nurse PC
01-Ens-Blue.png Ensign Falin Rorenclare Nurse PNPC
01-Ens-Blue.png Ensign Essie Nurse PNPC
01-Ens-Blue.png Ensign Wiktor Koladycz Nurse NPC
004-Cadet1st-White.png Cadet (1st Class) Ladon Ethne Cadet NPC
004-Cadet1st-White.png Cadet (1st Class) Fiona May Cadet NPC

Enlisted Roster

Technicians/Medics (Partial Listing)

Support Staff & Medics
Insignia Rank Name Post Status
E3-Crew1st-Blue.png Crewman (1st Class) Chesik Paramedic NPC
E3-Crew1st-Blue.png Crewman (1st Class) Vicki Pearson Medical Technician NPC
E2-Crew2nd-Blue.png Crewman (2nd Class) Eric Pareso Paramedic NPC
E1-Crew3rd-Blue.png Crewman (3rd Class) Chrissy Bennett Medical Technician NPC

Counseling Staff

Insignia Rank Name Post
(or Specialty)
02-LtJG-Blue.png Lieutenant JG Zinna Counselor PC

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