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WARNING: The Following is a work-in-progress and dependent on approval.

The USS Tiger-A # Tactical Assault Wing (Independence Flight) Air Group is made up of three squadrons of FA-150 Fast Attack Space Superiority Gunships. The Independence Flight is made up of dedicated Starfleet Officers who do double duty between the Air Group and their primary department (Tactical, Security, etc.). The Independence Flight can be called into action for combat, relief, and diplomatic missions and is well suited to space or planetary action.


Air Group Ready Room

Located on Deck 14, the Air Group Ready Room is where the pilots of the Independence Flight can remain "on alert" incase the assault craft need to be launched. The ready room provides easy access to the Assault Craft Hanger Bay which is right next door. There is also an office off the main room used by the CAG.

Hangar Bay

Located on Deck 14, with easy access from the Air Group Ready Room, the hangar bay holds the Independence Flight's 12 FA-150 fighters.

Officer Roster

Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post Status
Department Heads
03-Lt-Gold.png Lieutenant Brayden Jorey CAG (Commander - Air Group) PC
Staff Officers
01-Ens-Red.png Ensign Ryan Hobbs OAG (Operations - Air Group PNPC

USS Tiger-A Deck Tour
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