The Tangled Web (Constitution)

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Newly launched, the Constitution was ordered to the sector 573 in order to make First Contact with the planet Onash. While in route to Onash, the Constitution discovered a fleet of, what was thought at the time, Romulan craft. Upon further investigation, the Constitution discovered that the Romulan vessels were more or less floating barges being towed by a group of Ferengi. Captain Hebron felt that this needed further investigation, so he ordered a team to go to the lead vessel in get as much information that they could. While they were there, a Romulan Dderix class vessel de-cloaked in the sector. They immediately entered into hostile actions towards the Ferengi. The Constitution attempted to intervene on behalf of the Ferengi, but by the time the vessel was in a position to do something, the Romulans began firing. The away way team barely escaped off one of the ships before it blew.

Along with the away team several Ferengi were beamed back who were placed in confinement and observed by security. Upon further investigation with the Ferengi, it was discovered that they were working with the Romulans in helping the Onashian achieve warp. It should be that the Ferengi delegation has full freedom to bring charges against the Romulan Empire. A complete report has been filed by Captain Hebron to command on the subject.

After arriving at the planet, Captain Hebron made First Contact with the government head, Governor Tarkin. Tarkin seemed to be interested in a face to face visit. On attempting to beam down to the planet with my team, the team was by an act of espionage diverted to an alternate location, in a barren wasteland.

Upon realizing they were stranded the away team sought refuge in a cave and later set out to discover where we were. While scouting the area, it was discovered the that Romulans had a hidden base on Onash that was used to mine Latinum and other minerals that the galaxy holds dear. This planet was rich with dilithium and Latinum plus other rare materials. After being rescued by another team led by Lt.Commander T'Lara-Hebron, we assisted the Onashians in the discovery of what the Romulans were doing.

It was also discovered while on the planet that a group of Romulans, claiming to be from the Federation, attempted to assassinate Governor Tarkin. Dr. Firewind operated immediately, and the governor’s life was saved. If not for the doctor’s great skill, the governor would be dead.

Upon the Onashian discovering what the Romulans were doing, they asked the Federation for assistance and also for membership into the Federation. We helped them discover the plant on the surface and then the same Romulan War Bird, that attacked the Ferengi, appeared in the area.

Throughout the confusion of all of this, the saboteur who infiltrated the transporter systems abducted Lt. Commander T'Lara and was later traded for a Romulan officer taken from the surface of Onash. Even though this was not a by the book First Contact, the mission was over-all a success.