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Talon Class Development Project

The Talon class scout ship measures just over 24 meters in length and 16 meters across, slightly larger than a standard Starfleet shuttle. Thus, it is small enough to enter a starship's or starbase's shuttlebay, though it can also dock via a ventral docking port. Its aerowing design facilitates atmospheric operations.

The Talon class includes both impulse and warp engines, with the nacelles encased in the ship's body, taking design cues from the larger Defiant class. The cockpit design uses a design similar to the Type-9 shuttlecraft, though it can seat only one. The Talon class incorporates a miniature version of a long-range sensor dish, making the sensors far more powerful than those of a standard shuttlecraft or runabout. This makes the ship ideal for planetary surveys and scientific investigations. Aft of the cockpit are crew support facilities (including two cabins and a small ward room) and several science stations. Finally, the scout ship possesses formidable offensive and defensive systems: three microtorpedo launchers, four phaser arrays, and a deflector grid.

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