Talara zh'Aldrashi

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USS Gorkon
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Talara zh'Aldrashi
Position Security Officer
Rank Lieutenant
Species Andorian
Gender zhen Female
DOB 235206.14
Age 48
Birthplace Laikan, Andoria

Talara zh'Aldrashi is currently serving as the Gamma Shift lead Security Officer aboard the USS Gorkon.


  • Height: 6'1" (including antennae)
  • Weight: 162 lbs
  • Hair: White
  • Length of Hair: Past shoulder length
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Light blue
  • Birthmarks, Scars: a long scar along her right kidney
  • Build: Medium
  • Face: Narrow, high cheekbones
  • Mouth: Thin, but smiling
  • Carriage: Straight, rigid posture
  • Voice: Light, pleasant, but spoken in clipped tones
  • Handedness: Favors left, though ambidextrous


  • Born in Laikan, Andoria
  • Recruited into the Andorian Imperial Guard in 2360. Trained until 2375.
  • Betrothed during the Time of Knowing in 2366.
  • Bonded with three others in 2375 at the end of training.
  • As part of the bonded unit gave birth to Shral ch'Aldrashi in 2378.
  • Worked on various Battle-Cruisers in Imperial Guard until 2387.
  • Badly injured in 2386. Needed extensive rehabilitation and discharged from Imperial Guard service in 2387.
  • Applied to Starfleet Academy in 2387, specializing in Security and Tactics. Due to work in the Imperial Guard given a waiver on most classes. Graduated in 2389.

Personal Information

Talara believes in rules and regulations. They are there for a purpose and when not implemented properly people can get hurt and missions can go awry. She is very proper and treats everyone with the utmost respect due to their position. She lives with one of her bonded mates in raising Shral.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 238909.18 - 239003.14 Jupiter Station Security
Lieutenant JG 239003.14 - 239211.02 Jupiter Station Security
239211.02 - 239208.17 USS Ushaan Security
Lieutenant 239208.17 - 239308.07 USS Ushaan Security
239308.07 - 239407.04 USS Za Security
239307.04 - Present USS Gorkon Security

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