Taeval Sienelis

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USS Gorkon
Taeval Sienelis.png
Taeval Sienelis
Full Name Taeval ir-Jhianhre tr'Sienelis
Species Romulan
Gender Male
Age Late Twenties/Early thirties
Birthplace Jhianhre Province, Romulus
T/E Rating 0+

Taeval Sienelis, a refugee from Romulus in the wake of the Hobus disaster, currently works as a physician assistant aboard the Federation starship, USS Gorkon.


  • Height: 1.83m (6'0")
  • Build: Defined musculature, but not heavily built
  • Hair: Black, short and with curls
  • Eyes: Green

Taeval is a tall young man who has a lean, defined build that belies his strength. A long-standing practice of martial arts is visible in the defined outlines of lithe muscle, and a languid, precise grace of movement. Naturally pale, he spends a enough time in the sun to have caught a light tan, faint undertones of olive in his skin thanks to his copper blood. Mossy eyes are soft and observant, as drawn to small moments of beauty as they are the people around him.

His short, dark hair has a curl and he expends the minimal amount of effort on taming it, often leaving him with a mop that's endearing in its boyish untidiness. Stubble comes and goes depending on whether he remembers or cares to shave, though he rarely lets it grow long enough to be considered an actual beard.


Taeval is quiet, idealistic and altruistic, a kind-hearted young man with a poet's soul, interested in helping and understanding the people around him. He relies heavily on his intuition to guide him in understanding people and navigating through situations, and constantly searches for the meaning and truth of things. While he can be reserved in expressing emotion, his thoughtful and considerate nature, as well as a sincere interest in the well-being of others, often encourages others to take him as a confidant.

He does not like conflict and will often go to great lengths to avoid it. If forced into that kind of situation, he often places little importance on who's right or wrong, or what the facts of the matter are — it's how it makes him feel, which can sometimes give the appearance of being irrational or illogical. On the flip side, this can make him a good mediator as he's adept at understanding the perspective and feelings of others.

Flexible and laid-back, he can be stirred into a more strident and passionate demeanour if one of his values is threatened or violated. If he finds a cause or project that captures his interest, the normal rituals of day-to-day life can get forgotten and he can go periods without eating, sleeping or attending to basic self-care. He doesn't like to control or be controlled, but works well with others and makes a sincere effort to be pleasant, friendly and supportive — even though he usually maintains psychological distance.

Taeval struggles with a dual nature in relationships; he craves a deep connection but tires easily in social situations, he's often adept at reading others but less willing to be introspective about his own feelings and motivations. As such, he often isn't easy to make friends with, but those who are added to his circle usually find a friend for life and one who treats them with patience, sensitivity and insight, willing to help them with whatever they need. He's slow to give his heart away, but when he does he's generous with his affection, a hopeless romantic who respects his partner's independence, encouraging them to stay true to themselves.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Idealistic and optimistic
  • Seeks and values harmony and equality
  • Open-minded and flexible
  • Very creative
  • Passionate and energetic
  • Dedicated and hard-working
  • Too idealistic
  • Too altruistic
  • Can get lost in big ideas and forget the day-to-day
  • Struggles when facts contradict ideals
  • Can take challenges and feedback personally
  • Difficult to get to know


Martial Arts: On the insistence of his father, Taeval is a long-term student of Ch'Vashrek. His lessons were focused on a variation that involves rapid, hard and direct assaults intended to incapacitate as swiftly as possible. Since leaving the Empire, he's maintained his practice purely for the sake of keeping fit and the mental health benefits of exercise.

Cooking: Born into a house-clan of artisans and craftsmen, Taeval was encouraged to create by hand as much as possible, rather than replicate. He was the cook and gardener in the household, while his sister turned her hand to clothes making and household maintenance.

Literature: While he can be quiet and reserved in person, Taeval has a knack for expressing himself in writing and aspires to one day be an author. In a similar vein, he's an avaricious reader and devours works from across the known galaxy.


The home Taeval shares with his daughter is neat and clean, the furnishings all brand new. It's comfortable as opposed to stylish, leaning heavily into traditional Romulan designs and patterns. There is a well-equipped kitchen, and a space set aside for carefully tended vegetables and herbs in cleverly-designed vertical beds. His interest in literature is evident, with PADDs and physical works occupying tables and shelves, and a selection of healthy houseplants and flowers add colour to an otherwise muted interior. Likewise, Mirra's enthusiasm for dance shows often shows itself in dancewear, shoes and costumes she has forgotten to tidy away, and her enthusiasm for the wonders of Federation post-scarcity shown in the sheer volume of clothes she owns.



Name Relationship Description
Mirra Sienelis.jpg
Mirra ir-Jhianhre e-Llhranak t'Sienelis
Daughter (Adopted)
Brought together by the Hobus Disaster, the pair both losing their families in the rush to the evacuation ships, Mirra and Taeval remained together in the aftermath.

Sienelis (2399 Uniform).png
Valesha ir-Jhianhre t'Sienelis
Sister (twin)
Older than Taeval by a matter of minutes, the pair were inseparable as children and still close as adults. When nearby, the twins were able to share their thoughts in a vestigial form of telepathy and even when apart, could often sense the other's mood.

They were separated in the rush to board the refugee ships as the wavefront of the Hobus supernova approached Romulus. He has not seen her since and after several years of searching, came to accept that she died on Romulus or in the aftermath.

Christopher Johns NW.png
Christopher Sienelis (née Johns)
Taeval has only known Chris for a short while, meeting his sister's betrothed when the siblings were reunited on Ketar, but appreciates his good nature and obvious care for Valesha. He holds concerns about what the future looks like for the couple, with the complications of hybrid children and their mismatched lifespans, but he keeps his peace unless Valesha raises the topic first.

Llaiira ir-Jhianhre t'Sienelis
Taeval's mother was a no-nonsense woman; discreet, sometimes stubborn, firm but fair, and devoted to her family. She raised her two children to be independent and self-sufficient, eschewing many modern conveniences such as a household replicator. Llaiira was dedicated to her house-clan's craft of smithing, and Sienelis blades were prized among the upper echelons of Romulan society.

She died on one of the refugee ships fleeing the Hobus disaster, when life support failed in one of the cargo bays.

Taeval doesn't speak often of his father, though he's aware he still lives (and thrives), allowing most to assume that he perished with so many others in the disaster. The young man bears conflicted feelings toward a father who cared for his children but showed no interest in letting them choose their own path in life, missing him to this day but glad to be out from under his thumb.

Personal History

Taeval was born and raised in the Jhianhre province, in a small, quiet settlement some distance from the city of Tal K'shir. He shared the family home with his mother and twin sister, Valesha. It is a time he remembers very fondly, growing up happy and healthy, with very few troubles. As the twins grew older and matured into adolescence, their father began to pressure both his children to take a career in the military, so that they might follow in his footsteps one day. Neither had much interest in doing so and both dreamed of the stars; Valesha wanted to understand them, while Taeval dreamed of travel and becoming an author.

The tug of war between father and children was never resolved. The Hobus star went supernova, the explosion propagating through subspace. At the last minute, their father secured a space on the refugee ships for his children and mistress. Taeval was separated from his mother and sister as they boarded, and the ship lifted off without him. It did not occur to the young man that his sibling would have sought refuge in the Federation and as a result, his efforts to locate his missing family bore little fruit and he believes them both dead.

He drifted for a time, flotsam on the refugee tide, until his travels brought him to Ketar V.

Employment Record

Employment History

Employment History
Insignia Rank Dates Employer Job Title
Civilian 2389 - 2392 Centennial City College Student Nurse
2392 - 2394 Ketar Medical Center Staff Nurse
2394 - 2396 Centennial City College Student Physician's Assistant
2396 - 2397 Centennial City General Hospital Physician's Assistant
2397 - Present Starfleet, USS Gorkon

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