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All cadets are required to participate in a set of Core Courses that introduce them to a variety of subjects. It is important to StarFleet that their officers be well educated, and through this set of courses each cadet is ensured a basic set of skills.

List of Core Science Courses

  • Engineering
    • ENG221: LCARS Programming 1
    • ENG231: Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces
  • History
    • HS101: Concepts
    • HS110: Historical Sciences through the Ages
  • Mathematics
    • MATH101: Concepts
    • MATH110: Algebra, Geometry, Calculus
    • MATH150: Topology, & Trigonometry
  • Physics
    • PHY101: Concepts
    • PHY110: Advanced Physics
    • PHY120: Biophysics
    • PHY130: Mathematical Physics
    • PHY150: Mathematical Biophysics
  • Xenobiology
    • BIO101: Concepts
    • BIO110: Advanced Biology
    • BIO120: Anatomy & Physiology
    • BIO130: Genetics
    • BIO140: Microbiology
    • BIO150: Mathematical Biology
    • CHM101: Concepts
    • CHM110: Advanced Chemistry
    • CHM120: Biochemistry
    • CHM150: Mathematical Biochemistry
  • Xenology
    • XEN101: General
    • XEN110: Advanced Xenology

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