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The Ienau were a primitive humanoid race from Iena, which later became the Ateda world Dronni IV. When the Atedas arrived from their homeworld Ialnys, the Ienau were amazed by the wonderful technologies that the aliens brought with them. Soon they began exchanging pieces of their homeworld in exchange for the technology the Atedas brought with them, until they realized that the Atedas owned almost their entire world. Ateda palaces, amusement parks and other constructions were built all over Iena, and the Ienau were powerless against the Atedas.

They appealed to the Valcarian Republic, though the laws of the Republic then ruled in favor of the Atedas. The Ienau were evicted from Iena by the Atedas and relocated to the planet's fifth moon which would later be known as Sinosa. The Atedas then used their Ienau subjects as slave labourers to build the spaceports and cities of Sinosa. Most of the Ienau eventually died off from long periods of exposure to Sinosa's atmosphere, and the surviving few began mutating in the lower levels of Sinosa due to the various technologies practiced on the moon. The Atedas then destroyed the remaining Ienau architecture.